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Share your vision for European raw materials

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FTP publishes the most relevant Horizon 2020 calls 2016-2017 for the forest-based sector

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Share your ideas and contribute to shape the research and innovation needs on the use of hardwoods in Europe

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Commission announces €8.5 billion funding for research and innovation in 2017

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'Bioeconomy – a motor for the circular economy’

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CEPI announces new Director General, Sylvain Lhôte

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Are you an Early Stage Researcher? Apply now and showcase your R&D activities at European Paper Week 2016!

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Share your vision for European raw materials 

How does your sector envision the future of raw materials? Share your views and participate in the online consultation by 7 October. Read more


FTP publishes the most relevant Horizon 2020 calls 2016-2017 for the forest-based sector

Check the updated FTP Manual of the most relevant Horizon 2020 open call topics 2016-2017 for the forest-based sector. Read more.  


Share your ideas and contribute to shaping the research and innovation needs on the use of harwoods in Europe 

Under the umbrella of InnovaWood and in close cooperation with the European Forest Institute, the European Hardwoods Innovation Alliance (EHIA) has been already accepted as a commitment by the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP RM). Read more.


Commission announces €8.5 billion funding for research and innovation in 2017

The European Commission announces an investment of €8.5 billion to be released during 2017 into research and innovation, following an update to the Work Programme of Horizon 2020. Read more.


Making a clear nexus between bioeconomy and circular economy

For members of the European Bieconomy Alliance (EUBA), ensuring a viable playing field for the bioeconomy will be a boost to the circular economy. Read more.


CEPI announces new Director General, Sylvain Lhôte

As of 5 September, Sylvain Lhôte will take on the leadership in the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) in his new position as Director General. Read more.


Are you an Early Stage Researcher? Apply now and showcase you R&D activities at European Paper Week 2016!

EFPRO and CEPI have launched a joint Call for Early Stage Researchers to submit their application for the 5th Early Stage Researcher Session which will be held in the framework of European Paper Week 2016 on 22 November in Brussels. Read more.


Contribute to the European Commission public consultation on the Societal Challenge 2 priorities

Input towards the priority setting for EU research and innovation funding on the areas covered by Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2 will be received until 28 August 2016. Read more.


Innovation and sustainable management will ensure competitiveness of the forest-based sector in the future 

How to set short and long-term strategies for future management of forests in face of climate change, the impacts on the forestry sector and the role of science and policy. FTP and EUSTAFOR joined the debate in the seminar ‘Future of the Forest’ promoted by Czech Liaison Office for Research, Development and Innovation (CZELO). Read more.


Forest-based sector innovations confirm that circular economy is already a fact

‘Can we create a green circular economy without forestry?’ FTP discussed this issue with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and stakeholders from universities, civil society, business representatives at the seminar ‘Circular Economy: can agriculture & forestry help close the loop?’, organised by the Alliance of Liberal and Democrats of Europe (ALDE) at the European Parliament. Read more.


Did you know about additive manufacturing?

FTP is looking forward to hearing from its stakeholders and network partners about possible developments with additive manufacturing. Read more about the potential of this disruptive technology and give your feedback here


The BBI JU 2016 Call for Proposals: €189 million of funding available for the European biobased industries

In its third Call for Proposal, the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) will mobilise up to €189 million of new funding for the European biobased sector. Read more


Seminar discussed cross-sectoral synergies to unleash innovation potential in forestry, fuel and transportation

The seminar "Innovation in Forestry, Fuel and Freight" tackled untapped potential in research and innovation across three sectors. Read more


Lena Ek is the new Chairperson of the FTP board

Former Swedish Minister of Environment Lena Ek takes on leadership to strengthen the role of the forest-based sector in the European bioeconomy Read more


VERAM website goes live

The website of VERAM, the Horizon 2020-funded project that will deliver a vision and strategic roadmap for European raw materials research and innovation, has been launched as of 11 April 2016Read more



EUSTAFOR celebrates 10 years of cooperation with state forest organisations

Under the common title “Managing European Forests Responsibly - for People, Climate and Nature" the anniversary was celebrated with a conference, an exhibition, a forest food reception and a forest excursion in the first week of April, in Brussels. Read more. 


What does bioeconomy mean to you?

A survey to investigate the perceptions of the society. Respond until 4th April 2016. Read more. 


Sumforest announces pre-call for transnational research projects

Covering the whole forest-based value-chain and with emphasis on sustainable forest management, the Sumforest Era-Net launch its first call for proposals. Read more. 


EC survey collects information to update EU policy on sustainabe bioenergy

FTP stakeholders have the chance to highlight the sector's research and innovation priorities concerning biofuels and bioenergy. Read more. 


Launched consultation for the next programming for "Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials" (SC5)

Deadline for stakeholders suggest research and innovation priorities is on 8 April 2016. Read more. 


Symposium will debate perception and relevance of wood products in the future of the EU Bioeconomy

Guest speaker to the event, FTP Managing Director Johan Elvenert will address the inclusion of the sector in the EU research programmes. Read more


Don't miss it!
Call for Committments on Raw Materials is open until 15 March 2016 

Authorities, industry and relevant stakeholders of the entire raw materials value-chain are welcome to contribute with the objectives of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials. Read more


50-years old timber frames turned into brand new windows 

The CaReWood project adds value to post-consumer wood products by bringing into practice the reuse of wood. Read more.


Scenarios outlined by the FUNES Project foressee skills and competences required by EU furniture industry in the future 

Learning materials and capacitation modules are expected boost skills and ensure employability in the furniture sector. Read more.


EIP AGRI Operational Groups offer opportunities for inter-regional cooperation in forest research and innovation

Participants to the Forest Innovation Workshop learned about available measures to establish cross-border cooperation between the European regions. Read more.


NSG Austria ranks priorities for its national research and innovation

In an exemplary initiative, the Austrian forest-based sector has identified top research and innovation areas to concentrate its advocacy efforts upon. Read more.


Registration to the Conference on Energy Intensive Industry is open until 31 January 

European Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen and Commissioner for DG GROWTH, Elżbieta Bieńkowska are the hosts of the event on 15 February 2016. Read more.


Register to attend the Forest Innovation Workshop 2016

The event will take place in Brussels on 29 January 2016. Read more.


FAO/UNECE calls for contributions to a study on valuation of water-related forest ecosystem services 

Forest owners, forestry experts and industry representatives are invited to give recommendations on the content and suggest research areas. Read more.


Meet FTP's challenge to implement a common Strategic Research & Innovation agenda for the forest-based sector 

In this interview for the magazine PanEuropean Networks: Science & Technology, FTP’s Managing Director Johan Elvnert explains the steps to harmonise interests of a truly diverse forest-based sector and to advise European policy makers and national funding authorities on the sector’s research and innovation priorities. 


FTP signed the grant agreement for the VERAM project

The project Vision and Roadmap for European Raw Materials (VERAM) will deliver a long term strategy for non-food and non-energy raw materials. Read more.


Strong growth in EU financing for implementing the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda of the forest-based sector

Read more about the outcome presented at the 10th Anniversary of the Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP).


"Your passion and commitement really comes across in your Vision. You are growing the European bioeconomy" 

Watch Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas congratulating FTP for its 10th Anniversary.


Information session on submission of proposals for Horizon 2020 takes place on 26 November 

 Registration to participate is open until 20 November. Read more


Commission launches new mechanism for scientific advice  

 Seven scientists compose the High Level Group of scientific advisors of the recently launched Scientific Advice Mechanism. Read more


Register until October 22 to participate of the FTP Partnering Event 

 Join researchers, experts, and industry representatives and explore existing funding opportunities for the forest-based sector under the Call for Proposals of Horizon 2020

Read more about the event and register here


Save the date! FTP 10th YEAR ANNIVERSARY: "Preparing for the Future with the FTP Family" workshop and anniversary celebration events. 18 November 2015, Brussels

  Click here for more information


2015 FTP Partnering Event CALL FOR PROJECT IDEAS 

For more information please click here


The 2nd CALL FOR PROPOSALS for the BBI JU 2015 is NOW OPEN!

Brussels, 25 August 2015 - The second part of the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) Call has been published today. The new Call, with a total budget of €106 million, will support research and innovation actions, including demonstration actions, for making the best use of biomass. Deadline: 3 December 2015

For more information on the new Call visit the Participant Portal.

All relevant documents (Q&A 2015, Guide for Applicants, H2020 Rules for Participation…) can be found on the BBI website

Read the BBI JU press release here


Many Good Opportunities for the FBS in the New BBI JU Call

RIA-DEMO-CSA 2015 BBI JU Call Topics: (updated as at 25 August 2015)

BBI.D7-2015: Overcoming low product yields from fermentation processes

BBI.R10-2015: Innovative efficient biorefinery technologies

BBI.S1-2015: Standards and regulations

BBI.S2-2015: Communication and awareness

BBI.VC1.D1-2015: Lignocellulosic feedstocks into chemical building blocks and high added value products

BBI.VC1.R1-2015: Conversion of lignin-rich streams from biorefineries                                         

BBI.VC1.R2-2015: Pre-treatment of lignocellulose with simultaneous removal of contaminants and separation of lignin and cellulosic fractions

BBI.VC1.R3-2015: Bio-based functional molecules for coating and surface treatment                         

BBI.VC2.D2-2015: Innovative cellulose-based composite packaging solutions

BBI.VC2.R4-2015: Separation and extraction technologies for added value compounds from wood and forest-based residues

BBI.VC2.R5-2015: Practices increasing effectiveness of forest management

BBI.VC2.R6-2015: Sustainable cellulose-based materials                          

BBI.VC2.R7-2015: Tailoring tree species to produce wood designed for industrial processes and biorefining purposes

BBI.VC3.D3-2015: Production of bio-based elastomers from Europe-grown feedstock                        

BBI.VC3.D4-2015: High purity bio-based intermediates and end products from vegetable oils and fats

BBI.VC3.D5-2015: Valorisation of agricultural residues and side streams from the agro-food industry

BBI.VC3.R8-2015: Increasing productivity of industrial multi-purpose agricultural crops

BBI.VC3.R9-2015: Valorisation of aquatic biomass                                                  

BBI.VC4.D6-2015: Organic acids from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

For more information visit the Participant Portal


Lessons learned from the 2014 BBI JU Call: key success factors

Brussels, 24 July 2015 - The results from the first Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) Call show that it was a very competitive process. 38 eligible proposals were received and only 10 were retained for funding. The organisers of the Call identified a few weaknesses in some proposals, which we can learn from for the 2015 Call:

- Industry participation: the BBI is an industry-led initiative. It is critical to have industry involved and financially committed in all proposals. Moreover, BIC full members were present in 70% of the winning proposals, which shows that proposals with BIC full members were stronger;
- Collaboration between industry and the scientific community is essential;
- SME participation in proposals is seen as an added value.

Areas for improvement: towards higher quality proposals:

- Address innovation beyond state-of-the-art
- Look at market impact and credible paths to deliver innovations
- Manage IPR issues at an early stage of the proposal
- Showcase industrial interactions across the value chain
- Build commercially convincing proposals: strong business plans and risk analysis, factoring market demand and consumer needs

For more details, check the BBI presentation The Call 2014: Lessons learnt made at the BBI JU Info day on 26 June 2015.


ERC Work Programme 2016 Approved

Brussels, 29 July 2015 - The European Research Council (ERC) Work Programme for 2016 has been approved today by the European Commission. The Programme foresees €1.67 billion for grants to top researchers from anywhere in the world who are ready to come or to stay in Europe to pursue their breakthrough ideas.

The first scheme under the Programme with a budget of €485 million was published on 27 July, and is open to researchers with 2 to 7 years of experience since completion of their PhD and a promising track record. Deadline to submit applications is 17 November 2015.

The Euroepan Research Council is the first European funding organisation for excellent frontier research. Every year it selects and funds the very best individual scientists to run five-year projects in Europe. More than 5,000 top researchers have been funded so far by the ERC. 

See the ERC Work Programme 2016 here.


Commissioner Moedas wants to create a new European Innovation Council  

Brussels, 17 July 2015 - EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas, wants to see the creation of a new programme, the European Innovation Council (EIC), to support and boost innovation in Europe. The EIC would be the equivalent to what the existing European Research Council (ERC) is for researchers and so, it would fill the gap in EU R&D Programmes since there is nothing similar for innovators. In a recent interview with Science|Business, Moedas gave more details on his proposal: “this is not for tomorrow, but I believe we should discuss it as a mayor element under the mid-term review of Horizon2020” [which will take place in 2017]. “The EIC could be a one-stop innovation house, created partly through some streamlining, re-branding and re-packing of Horizon2020 innovation calls”, he said.

Moedas also informed of his plan to introduce a "seal of excellence" for applicants that have been evaluated as excellent but have not obtained financing from Horizon 2020, in order to help them access Structural Funds. This initiative will start with applicants to the SME Instrument.

Moedas’ interview with Science|Business is available here.


 Performance of the FBS in the First Horizon2020 Calls 

Brussels, 14 July 2015. In the end of June, new data was released by the European Commission (EC) on the first signed Grant Agreements that result from the 2014 Horizon2020 Calls for Proposals. The total EU contribution of all the projects published so far amounts to approximately €7.3 billion, which means that all or almost all of the Horizon2020 projects for 2014 have now been published by the EC.

In total, FTP has identified 47 projects with an EC contribution of €126 million as relevant to the forest-based sector and answering to the FTP Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). The projects funded under the Biobased Industries JU Call contribute €19.3 million. This means that around 1.7% of the total Horizon2020 budget has been allocated to forest-based sector-related projects. More information on the 47 Horizon2020 projects can be found on the FTP Research and Innovation Portal.

If we compare with previous Framework Programmes, we can conclude that in spite of the tough competition in the first Horizon2020 Calls, this has actually been the most successful outcome ever for the forest-based sector.




The Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) Launches a €200 million Call for Proposals


Brussels, 26 June 2015 – Europe’s bio-based economy will receive a major boost with a new, over €200 million call for proposals for the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU).  

The 2015 BBI JU Call for Proposals has formally been announced today in Brussels at the BBI JU Info Day, an information and awareness event gathering program managers and experts. This year the Call is split in two parts: 

1.- Flagship Call published on 19 May. This Call is dedicated to Innovation Actions (“Flagships”) and focuses on lignocellulosic feedstock (BBI Value Chain 1), valorisation of cellulose into new added value products (BBI Value Chain 2: FOREST-BASED VALUE CHAIN) and innovative processes for sugar recovery and conversion from Municipal Solid Waste (BBI Value Chain 4). Deadline: 15 September 2015 (single stage call).

2.- RIA, Demo and CSA Call will be officially published at the end of August, pending approval by the BBI Governing Board. A provisional topic list and content is published on the BBI website. Deadline: December 2015. For more information on the new Call visit the BBI website and the Participant Portal.

Read the BBI JU press release here



Special News Release. Brussels, June 2015 - As previously announced, the FTP Partnering Event will be held on Tuesday 27 October, at the Munich airport centre. This year, the Partnering Event will have a slightly different format and will be organised in two parallel tracks:

1) Research Track, which  will follow the traditional FTP Partnering Event format, with flash presentations and brokerage workshops to discuss Calls open under Horizon 2020.
2) Innovation Track, which will consist of three parallel workshops with three sessions each (totalling 9 thematic sessions). Each thematic session will discuss the most interesting ideas received in response to a particular industry priority. Furthermore, funding programmes beyond Horizon 2020 Calls will also be presented.

To obtain more information on how to submit a Project Idea click here or contact us on mail(at)

Read the Special News Release here.


The European Commission Will Cut €500M Less from Horizon 2020

Brussels, 4 June, 2015 - Following tough negotiations between the members of the European Parliament (MEPs), the European Commission and the EU Member States, the Commission gave in and agreed to reduce in 500M the proposed €2.7 billion that was originally planned to be diverted from Horizon 2020 to finance the new European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI).  According to Research Commissioner Moedas: “it’s a great day for research and innovation in Europe”. MEPs were also pleased with the deal, but the remaining €2.2 billion cut to the Horizon 2020 cannot be taken lightly. According to a British centre-left MEP: “the Commission must explain how it will ensure that these cuts do not undermine the EU’s competitiveness and long term economic future”.


22 May 2015

Horizon2020 Work Programme 2015: Topics of Interest for the Forest-based Sector - updated as at May 2015. To access the list click here.

Courtesy of FTP Germany (Jean-Yves Escabasse)


Horizon 2020 First Statistics and the Performance of the FBS

The European Commission received 45,000 applications for grants in the first 14 months of Horizon 2020. The average success rate during this period has been lower than in prior EU programmes. The EU Open Data Portal contains a dataset on the first signed grant agreements under Horizon 2020. The dataset is available here

FTP has identified 23 projects with a total EU contribution of €67.8 million as relevant to the forest-based sector and answering to the FTP SRA. We estimate that the first BBI JU Call could add another €15-20 million to this amount. This means that 1.8% to 2.4% of the Horizon 2020 EU funding for 2014 has been assigned to projects relevant for our sector. More information on these 23 FBS-related projects and their partners can be found on the FTP Research & Innovation Portal.

To download the full FTP report please click here.

Funding from Horizon 2020 provides an essential tool to achieve a more sustainable and competitive forest-based sector.


EP Adopts Non-legislative Report on the EU Forest Strategy

Brussels, 28 April 2015 - The European Parliament adopted by large majority a non-legislative report supporting the new EU Forest Strategy. The Strategy, which was developed by the Commission in close cooperation with Member States and stakeholders, gives a new framework in response to the new challenges facing forests and the forest sector.  The Strategy highlights that forests are not only important for rural development, but also for the environment- especially for biodiversity; for forest-based industries; bioenergy; and in the fight against climate change. Read the EP press release here.


Assessing the Effectiveness and Impact of the EUTR and FLEGT Action Plan

The EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT Action Plan aim to combat illegal timber logging and trade, and improve forest governance. The results of the new EFI policy study “Assessment of the EU Timber Regulation and the FLEGT Action Plan” were presented and discussed at a ThinkForest seminar at the European Parliament in Brussels, on 21 April. Read more about the event here. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Bioeconomy Panel

The Bioeconomy Panel brings together in one group different policy areas, sectors and stakeholders with the aim to support interaction between them and ensure the coherent development of the bioeconomy. The Panel has 30 members representing business and producers, policy-makers and public administrations, scientists and researchers, and civil society organisations. Johan Elvnert, FTP, is member of the Panel.  

The Panel has written two issues papers, one on biomass supply and one on market-making in the bioeconomy. These issues papers have been published in a document called “Where next for the bioeconomy", which can be found here. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Results of the International Biorefinery Competition

Spinnova Ltd., a Finnish research and product development company, has won the international biorefinery competition organised by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Spinnova's new textile fibre production technology makes it possible to spin yarn directly from wood fibre, which according to the panel of judges, represents a breakthough technology that can revolutionise both the textile and forest industries. For more info click here ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Assessing the Cost Impacts of EU Legislation

The European Commission’s Directorate General for GROW (formerly DG Enterprise & Industry) has launched a study on the “cumulative cost assessment of EU legislation on the EU forest-based industries”. A first meeting was held on Friday 27 February, at which representatives of EU forest-based industry federations had the opportunity to learn about the study plan and the analytical approach to be used. The study will be carried out by a Consortium led by the Technopolis Group, EFI and BOKU (Vienna University of Life Sciences). _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                Newly-formed EUROPEAN BIOECONOMY ALLIANCE Calls for EU action

On the occasion of its launch at the European Parliament on 4 February 2015, the newly-formed European Bioeconomy Alliance (EBA) called the EU to take action and adopt more predictable policies and a longer-term strategy for developing a competitive, dynamic and sustainable bioeconomy in Europe. We hope for the strong commitment by the European community to promote innovation in the forest-based value-chain as well as in the entire bioeconomy.

For more details please consult the press release here or contact info(at) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


The Annual High Level Conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP on Raw Materials) was held in Brussels on 13-14 January 2015. Several thematic sessions were held during the first day and a poster session was organised to present ongoing commitments. On the second day of the conference, a brokerage event on Horizon 2020 took place to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to meet potential partners for future projects and obtain information on funding possibilities in the scope of Horizon 2020. More info on the event as well as all presentations can be found on the EIP on Raw Materials website. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TS Biotic Materials:  Thematic Session 11 Biotic Materials for the Operational Group of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials, Brussels, 11 November 2014.

The three commitments - GENTLE, SWEETSTOCK, and ECAMOB - were presented and discussed at the workshop. One-page summaries of each session and presentations are available on the website of the EIP on Raw Materials and on the CIRCABC group of the EIP on Raw Materials. If you do not have access to CIRCABC, click here for instructions to create an ECAS password, then you can ask for access to the EIP Group by e-mail to ENTR-EIP-RAW-MATERIALS(at)

The next round of Operational Groups will take place in February 2015. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


As previously announced on our website, a new COST Open Call was published in mid-December. The Call is open to ideas in all fields of Science and Technology. Proposals must include researchers from at least five COST Member Countries or Cooperating States. Action proposals will be gathered by 24 March 2015 (first collection date). For more info visit the COST website. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

NANOTECH EUROPE 2015 and EURONANOFORUM 2015  10-12 June, Riga, Latvia.

The submission of abstracts for Oral and Poster presentations to be held in conjunction with the EuroNanoForum 2015 is NOW OPEN!! All submitted abstracts should correspond to the scope of the EuroNanoForum conference. Deadline for oral presentations is 30 January 2015! Other deadlines are also approaching: Deadline to present a Poster abstract is 20 February 2015 and deadline to apply for Best Project is 27 February 2015. More info on the event here _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Thursday 13 November 2014, 10:00h-17:00h - MUNICON, Munich Airport

The recent 2014 joint FTP Partnering Event, succesfully hosted by FTP Gemany and in cooperation with COST, EFPRO, EFI, InnovaWood and PTS, was once again very appreciated by the close to 100 participants, representing research institutions and industry.

Nearly 45 flash presentations were shown with the aim to share information on the participants’ projects or action ideas. This year, the event had fewer general interest presentations and longer networking breaks, during which, the participants were able to network and register to the moderated brokerage workshops that had been scheduled for the afternoon. A total of ten groups were organised divided into different topics of interests. At each brokerage group, participants had the chance to exchange ideas and start to build partnerships for applications to Horizon 2020.

Further information on the event as well as all presentations can be found here

Cei-bois Cepi Cepf eustafor

The FTP is registered under Belgian law as a société privée à responsabilité limitée (sprl), no. 0809392942