Star-COLIBRI Project: biorefinery clustering



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The Star-COLIBRI project (Strategic Research Targets for 2020 – Collaboration Initiative on Biorefineries) was a 2-year Coordination and Support Action funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme, running from 1 November 2009 - 31 October 2011. The project involved 5 European technology platforms and 5 major European Research organisations.

 Main objectives - as a response to the challenges facing biorefinery research, Star-COLIBRI's main objectives were set up as the following: 

Overcome fragmentation and promoting cross-fertilization in the area of biorefineries research

  • Provide a wiki-portal that facilitates information handling and to collect and exchange information between all relevant biorefinery stakeholders
  • Identify large and small high-impact R&D projects of actual relevance in the area of biorefineries
  • Identify gaps and overlaps in ongoing research efforts to make way for a better use of resources 

Support innovations by speeding up and facilitating industrial exploitation of research results in the biorefinery field

  • Create critical mass and synergy by initiating and supporting transparent collaborations between on-going biorefinery R&D projects through so-called StarClusters
  • Contribute to the development of European and national policy initiatives, including legislation, standardisation, labelling and certification 
  • Create awareness of new research results and technologies and thereby facilitate the exploitation by European industry

Promote coordination in the field of future R&D funding and facilitate the creation of Public-Private Partnerships

  • Enable collaboration between established trans-national research programmes in the area of biorefineries
  • Produce a Vision 2030 Document and a Strategic Research Roadmap for Biorefineries 2020
  • To facilitate the creation of European Public-Private Partnerships as a form of intensified European cooperation

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