Organisation of the Forest-based Sector Technology Platform

The FTP Board is the decision-making body of the technology platform and steers its activities. The FTP Board is comprised of six high-level representatives from industry and the four European confederations (FTP’s shareholders), as well as the chairman of the FTP Advisory Committee. The European Commission (Research & Innovation Directorate and Enterprise and Industry Directorate) takes part in the FTP Board as an observer.

A Managing Director has been appointed by the FTP Board. The responsibility of the Managing Director is to monitor the day-to-day development and operation of the platform; he is supported by the FTP Management Team.

The FTP Board has also created an Advisory Committee (AC). The AC comprises Research, Development & Innovation directors and technical directors, as well as federation representatives from core stakeholders. Each National Support Group (see below) has a representative in the AC. The main role of the AC is to:

  • Ensure that the views and needs of industrial stakeholders, forest owners and forest product users are represented in the platform.
  • Secure the links between the various National Support Groups (22 in total).
  • Monitor the activities of the FTP Management Team.


In order to link FTP's wide scope on the national level, National Support Groups (NSG) serve as dual communication channels. NSGs are typically made up of representatives from the forest-based sector in a specific country, including researchers and representatives of national financing and governmental bodies. All EU countries are invited to set up NSGs. The main roles of the NSGs are to:

  • Ensure that the key stakeholders are represented at national level.
  • Formulate national viewpoints and provide input to the platform.
  • Disseminate information about the platform at national level, e.g. through contact with authorities, public financers and research bodies.
  • Co-ordinate the development and implementation of national research agendas (NRA).