Speaker presentations:

Martin Reichel (Bayfor) - Horizon 2020 the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Johan Elvnert (FTP) - The role of the Forest-based Sector ETP and the European research funding landscape

Ulrich Leberle (CEPI) - European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials

Melae Langbein (COST) - COST - European Research Networking. Innvation through Cooperation

Sector specifics on tentative Horizon 2020 calls:

Call topics: Carol Grossmann / Jeanine Ringman-Beck / Johannes Kappen

Flash Presentations:

Alvarez Machirant, Susana

Arndt, Tiemo

Beil, Veronika

Björk, Andreas

Burnard, Michael D.

Danielsson, Sverker

Doblas Miranda, Enrique

Eisenhut, Lars

Ek, Monica

Ervasti, Ilpo

Fan, Mizi

Forsström, Ulla

Germgård, Ulf

Guinard, Ludovic

Charles Harper

Henriksson, Gunnar

Hooimeijer, Arie

Hora, Guido

Karpenja, Tatjana

Kohnen, Stéfan

Köhnke, Tobias

Kulachenko, Artem

Kutnar, Andreja

Larsson, Sylvia

Lindström, Mikael

Maloney, Thad

Martinez Martín, Eva

Martinez, Philippe

Meinlschmidt, Peter

Melero Muñoz, Franciso José

Merhar, Miran

Németh, Róbert

Niemelä, Klaus

Pancová Šimková, Pavlína

Przybysz, Piotr

Reiter, Andrea

Rubick, Angelika

Saranpää, Pekka

Silvestre, Armando J.D.

Sowe, Sanna

Tiekstra, Sanne

Tilquin, Mathieu

Tino, Radovan

Tomani, Per

Trnkova, Eliska

Urbanke, Björn

Verhaeghe, Gus

Westin, Mats (Lycken & Pilgård)

Wilhelmsson, Lars

Wimmer, Rupert

Witzell, Johanna

Zadnik Stirn, Lidija

Organised by FTP and COST with the support of
EFI, EFPRO, InnovaWood and PTS

When?       15 November 2013, from 10:00h to 17:00h (CET)

Where?     MUNICON Conference Centre, Munich Airport, Germany

Objective – Goal of the partnering event:

This event offers a unique opportunity to obtain actual information on tentative topics in the first call for proposals under the upcoming European Framework Programme for Research Horizon 2020. Participants can present ideas for European projects and discuss them with potential partners. They will also have the opportunity to give feedback and to support and supplement each other’s ideas. Such events are usually starting points for building consortia and core planning teams in order to submit research and innovation proposals at a later stage. Additionally, participants are invited to present and discuss ideas and proposals for COST Actions within the COST Domain ‘Forests, their Products and Services’.

Who should participate?

All forest, forestry and forest-based sector related researchers from European Union Member States and from Associated countries (Norway, Switzerland, Israel etc.), as they can fully participate in Horizon 2020 projects and the COST Programme.

Representatives from:-

  • enterprises (large, small or medium-sized)
  • federations and associations
  • universities
  • private or public research institutes
  • public bodies,

interested in participating in research projects and/or COST Actions are welcome to this partnering event. The activities, competences and interest can range from forest ecology, climate change and forest management to forest-based products and forest-based industry processes.


New calls for project proposals concerning collaborative research and innovation to be funded under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme which are expected to be launched in the coming 3–6 months. This partnering event is dedicated to calls relevant to the forest-based sector, to enhance industrial Leadership and address societal challenges as set out in the draft work programmes of Horizon 2020, as well as to the open call for COST Action proposals. 

How does it work?

Partnering events are ideal platforms for people, working in similar areas, to meet, discuss and even start ideas for proposals. It will provide project coordinators with an opportunity to discuss project ideas with potential partners, so that consortia can be set up or strengthened, and proposal preparation can be supported.

The partnering event is structured in 3 parts (see PROGRAMME here):

  • Welcome and introduction to tentative Horizon 2020 topics and COST (for the forest-based sector)
  • Flash presentations of project ideas or competences by participants (max 2-4 mins; time allocated will depend on overall number of presentations)
  • Moderated parallel partnering meetings