Speaker presentations:

Johannes Kappen (FTP - COST Liaison) Short Briefing on current status on COST

Horizon 2020 calls relevant for the Forest Based Sector.

Main presentation: Carol Grossmann / Johan Elvnert / Manfred Filippi / Gus Verhaeghe / Johannes Kappen

Flash Presentations:

Ruiz Huertas, Oscar - ITENE

Saint-Amand, Francois Julien -CTP

Clauder, Lothar - HNEE

Forsstrom, Ulla - VTT

Staffas, Louise -IVL

Mantau, Udo -University of Hambourg

Muller, Michael -PFI

Soderqvist, Margaretha -SODRA

Tambitas, Daniela - FeyeCon

Blume, Andreas -BayFOR

Sadocco, Patrizia -Innovhub

Duquesne, Emmanuel -Materianova

Haapala, Antti -UEF

Karpenja, Tatjana -Innventia

Nemeth, Robert -Nyme

Rademacher, Peter -HNEE

Oven, Primor -UL-BF

Tavzes, Crtomir -UPR

Wippel, Bernd -Unique

Doblas, Enrique - CREAF

Lindstrom, Mikael - Innventia

Sundqvist, Bror -SP

Melero, Francisco -CETEM

Guindos, Pablo -Fraunhofer

Maloney, Thad -Aalto University

Davydov, Anatoli -PTS

Mortera, Dr. R. S.-Propack

Crapanzano, Dr. S. D. -Propack

Wilhelmsson, Lars -Skogforsk

Saarentaus, Anna - Poyry

Suty, Stefan -Stuba

Kramar, Miha -ZAG

Shaojun, Xiong -SLU

Sarapaa, Pekka -Metla

Freire, Carmen -University of Aveiro

Burnard, Michael -UPR

Pammer, Patrick -Woodkplus

Andersons, Bruno -EDI

Vorobey, Volodymyr -PPV

Hooimeijer, Arie -Bumaga KCPK

Deroubaix, Gerard -FCBA

Da Silva Perez, Denilson - IntechFibres

Melvin, Alison -Forest Research

Gus Verhaeghe -Innovawood

Organised by FTP Germany, with the support of EFI, EFPRO, InnovaWood, PTS and COST

When?       13 November 2014, from 10:00h to 17:00h (CET)

Where?     MUNICON Conference Centre, Munich Airport, Germany

Objective – Goal of the partnering event:

This event offers a unique opportunity to obtain the latest information on Horizon 2020 Calls published on 11 December 2013 and revised on 22 July 2014, with deadlines for submission in late 2014 and 2015. The event focuses on selected topics FTP believes to be of most relevance to the forest-based sector.

Participants are given the opportunity to present their project ideas or institutional research capacities, as well as to give feedback, support, and supplement each other’s ideas. Such events are often starting points for building consortia and core planning teams in order to submit research and innovation proposals at a later stage. Additionally, participants are invited to present and discuss ideas and proposals for COST Actions. This year's event explicitly addresses invitations to industry, directly or through collaborative industrial research institutes, and stakeholders from other sectors.

Who should participate?

All forest, forestry and forest-based sector related researchers from European Union Member States, Associated Countries (Norway, Iceland, Israel, etc.) and from third countries (Switzerland, Montenegro, Albania etc.) as they can fully participate in Horizon 2020 projects and the COST Programme.

Representatives from:

  • companies (large, small or medium-sized),
  • federations and associations,
  • universities,
  • private or public research institutes,
  • collaborative industrial research institutes
  • public bodies,

…interested in participating in research projects and/or COST Actions are welcome to this partnering event. The activities, competences and interest may range from forest ecology, climate change and forest management to forest-based products and forest-based industry processes, including the timber industry, building with wood, the pulp and paper industry and biorefinery.


FTP has published a selection of topics of interest for our sector, on the FTP website; these topics will be the basis for the brokerage event. See the topics here

How does it work?

Partnering events are ideal platforms for people working in related areas, to meet, discuss and even start ideas for proposals. They provide project coordinators with an opportunity to discuss project ideas with potential partners, so that future consortia can be set up or strengthened.

The partnering event is structured in 3 parts (see PROGRAMME here):

  • Introduction and overview of the topics to be discussed
  • Flash presentations of project ideas or competences by participants (50 time slots only)
  • Dynamic brokerage session with moderated parallel partnering meetings