Nearly 100 participants attended this year’s FTP Partnering Event, which, as is traditional, was organised at Munich Airport by FTP and The German National Support Group, in particular with significant efforts by Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS).  

With a strengthened focus on industry’s priorities, 13 innovative ideas were presented to an exclusive audience in the dedicated Innovation Track, while participants attending the sessions under the Research Track reviewed nearly 80 Horizon2020 Calls for Proposals with relevance to the forest-based sector. Opportunities to cooperate and form new partnerships were explored in both tracks while Flash Presentations in the morning session contributed with a better overview of participant profiles and their research ideas.

Click the links to see the exclusive presentations of the Innovation TrackResearch Track and the Flash Presentations.

Download the Call Topics Manual of the FTP Partnering Event, a full compilation of selected call topics of Horizon2020.



The complete programme of the FTP Partnering Event 2015 with highlights of the Research Track and the Innovation Track.



Join us in the upcoming FTP Partnering Event 2015 in Munich on 27 October! Explore the funding opportunities for the forest-based sector under the European Commissions’ Framework Programme Horizon 2020. More info hereClick here to proceed with the on-line registration.


Support to access funding opportunities

With a strengthened focus on industry’s priorities, this year’s FTP Partnering Event is back with a dedicated Innovation Track, boasting winning project ideas that will have access to an exclusive industry audience.

The submitted project ideas  have been confidentially and independently evaluated by FTP for their industry relevance and potential impact. 16 of them have been retained for the Innovation Track sessions; some have been suggested for the Research Track instead. All project ideas will be introduced and discussed along 4 simultaneous Dynamic Brokerage Sessions.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Munich!



Matching ideas on Research and Innovation to boost the forest-based sector

The 2015 edition of the FTP Partnering Event will take place on Tuesday 27 October, at the Munich Airport Conference Centre. Hosted by FTP Germany, the FTP Partnering Event has traditionally provided a unique opportunity for stakeholders to obtain actual information on tentative Calls for Proposals in the EU Research Framework Programmes. Moreover, the event is an excellent platform for participants to meet potential partners to discuss ideas and initiate project proposals.

The first year of Horizon 2020 has seen a considerable increase in the number of grant applications submitted to the European Commission, which inevitably resulted in a success rate lower than in previous years.

With a view to help our stakeholders meet the fierce competition while also attracting more representatives from industry, the FTP Partnering Event 2015 provides two different tracks for addressing key information on the Framework Programmes, and the Industry Priorities:

Research Track:  focused on Research, it features flash presentations and brokerage workshops to discuss Calls open under Horizon 2020.

Innovation Track: focused on Innovation, it consists of three sessions of three parallel workshops, totalling nine thematic sessions. The most interesting Project Ideas received in response to a particular Industry Priority Topic will be discussed along each thematic session. The aim is to involve industry from the first stage of discussions, and to develop projects around industry innovation needs rather than as a response to a particular funding opportunity. Furthermore, funding programmes beyond Horizon 2020 Calls will also be presented.

Download the detailed programme of the FTP Partnering Event 2015 with highlights of the Research Track and the Innovation Track.


Questions and Answers

  • Do I have to register to the Partnering Event even if I have a speaking slot? Yes, until 20 of October. Click here to register.
  •  What happens in the Research Track?  Teaming up for Horizon 2020 applications is the main purpose of the Research Track. FTP will search for and present Horizon2020 Call Topics that will offer the best opportunities for EU funding. It might also be the case that industry members wish to discuss about developing your research project ideas.
  • What is an "Industry Priority"? The industry Priorities are the priorities that have been submitted by industry to FTP until July 22th. They describe areas where the industry is currently focusing much of their research and innovation efforts and where they might need your help.
  • About the Project Idea Application Form: The Application Form is a request to present an innovative solution at the Innovation Track of the FTP Partnering Event. The winners should be prepared to make a 10-20 minutes presentation of their Project Idea to industry and research community alike in one of the 9 Innovation Sessions.
  •  Confidentiality? The Project Ideas will not be published before the Partnering Event.
  •  What will happen if my idea is not selected?  If your Project Idea is not selected, you will still have the opportunity to present your idea as a poster at the FTP Partnering Event. You may also indicate that you wish to make a shorter flash presentation (3 minutes) at the Research Track of the Partnering Event.


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