12 – 13 March 2013, Barcelona

- Inspiring Horizons –
A new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the Forest-based Sector

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Speaker Presentations 

Tuesday 12 March 2013


MichaƂ Jarczynski, FTP High-Level Group Chair, CEO Arctic Paper. Download here.

Opening Session:
Industry keynote address

Ignacio de Colmenares,
CEO ENCE. Download here. 

Johan Elvnert, FTP Manager. Download here.

The Forest-based sector in a biobased society (SRA Strategic Theme 1)
Introduction to the strategic theme: Kaj Rosén, Professor SLU / Skogforsk. Download here.

Entrepreneurs and innovative ideas
Andreas Kleinschmit von Lengefeld
, Director Innovation & Research FCBA. Download here.

Wednesday 13 March

Responsible management of forest resources (SRA Strategic Theme 2)
Introduction to the strategic theme: Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Lead Scientist European forests, Alterra, Wageningen University and Research. Download here.

FOCUS Mediterranean forests
Marc Palahi
, EFI, Coordinator FORESTERRA ERA-Net. Download here.

Creating Industrial Leadership (SRA Strategic Theme 3)
Introduction to the strategic theme: Niklas von Weymarn, VP Research Business Development, Metsä Fibre. Download here.

Creating industrial leadership
Riikka Joukio
, Senior Vice-President Sustainability and Corporate Affairs, Metsä Group. Download here.

The road towards Renewable Energy Targets 2020
Bruno Schmitz
, Head of Unit, Directorate Renewable Energy, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission. Download here.

Building a Public-Private Partnership for Biobased Industries
Annita Westenbroek,
Director Dutch Biorefinery Cluster. Download here.

Fulfilling consumer needs; building for the environment (SRA Strategic Theme 4)
Introduction to the Strategic Theme: Gus Verhaeghe, Secretary General InnovaWood. Download here.
State of play woodworking industries

Kimmo Järvinen, Secretary General EOS (European Organisation of the Sawmilling Industry). Download here.

Future market and advantages of innovative building technologies
Duncan Mayes
, Senior Vice-President Strategy & Innovation, StoraEnso Building & Living. Download here.

The climate needs more buildings with wood
Anders Wijkman
, Co-President of the Club of Rome and former MEP. Download here.

Inventing our future
First funding for the new FTP SRA (€ 30 mill.) - Announcement of the 4th Trans-National ERA-Net Plus Call

Ilmari Absetz
, Coordinator WoodWisdom.Net+. Download here.

Young talents speak
Winners of the COST-FTP Early Stage Researchers' Forum

Winner 1: Gianluca Tondi – Formaldehyde-free Tannin foams. Download here.
Winner 2: Jenni Rahikainen - Negative effect of lignin on cellulose bioconversion - lignin model surfaces for the study of cellulase-lignin interactions. Download here.

CEPI Two Team Approach
Bernard de Galembert
, Forest and Innovation Director, CEPI. Download here.


Joint COST-FTP Early-stage Researchers' Forum (11-12 March)

Jenni Rahikainen (FI) and Gianluca Tondi (AT) were elected Best COST-FTP YRF Presentation by the Organising Committee and by the audience, and they presented their research again at a panel session on 13 March at the FTP-c8 Conference.
Josefin Illergård (SE) received the price for the Best COST-FTP YRF Poster.

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