7th Conference of the Forest-based Sector Technology Platform
- Pacing Innovation for the Bioeconomy -
Warsaw, 26-27 September 2011

Speaker presentations

Day 1: Monday 26 September, 2011

MichaƂ Jarczynski, CEO Arctic Paper – Pacing Innovation (Opening Speech). Download here.

Session 1: Future Trends for the European Forest-based Sector

Prof. Udo Mantau, University of Hamburg - Forest-based raw material resources. Download here.

Pierre Lapointe, CEO FP Innovations – The forest sector from an international perspective. Download here.

Jon Haag, CEO NINE Total Packaging Partner – Forest-based products 2035; cross-industry opportunities. Download here.

Session 2: Moving the Forest-based Sector

Prof. Emeritus Kari Edelmann – Revising the FTP Strategic Research Agenda. Download here.

Timothy Hall, Head of Unit, DG RTD, European Commission – EU Research and Innovation and the BioBased Economy. Download here.

Jean-Francois Aguinaga, Head of Unit, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission – EU Innovation Policies Related to the Forest-based Sector. Download here.

Day 2: Tuesday 27 September, 2011

Session 3: The Innovation Support System

Johan Elvnert, FTP Manager – FTP’s Future and Lessons from the Star-COLIBRI Project. Download here.

Prof. Wladyslaw Strykowski, Director General of the Wood Technology Institute, Poznán – Operating  National Technology Platforms in Post-planned economies. Download here.

Marc Palahí, Foresterra ERA-Net, Head of EFIMED Office – Forest Sector ERA-Nets: EFIMED. Download here.

Mika Kallio, WoodWisdom-Net – Forest Sector ERA-Nets: WoodWisdom-Net 2. Download here.

Session 4: Research Trends in the Forest-based sector

Prof. Jadwiga Zabielska-Matejuk, Deputy Chair of the Scientific Board of the Wood Technology Institute, Poznán. Download here.

Véronique Morin, R&D Director, CTP – Printed Electronic and Smart Paper: Dream or Reality? Download here.

Peter Axegård, Director Biorefineries, Innventia – Spinning Carbon Fibres from Lignin. Download here.

Prof. Pekka Ollonqvist, METLA – Management of Innovative Timber Solutions: Development Among SMEs in Timber Construction Value-Chains. Download here.

Winners of the best presentations from the Early-stage Researchers’ Forum:

Erik Larnøy, Skog+landskap – Wood Protection by Means of Electro Osmotic Pulsing Technology (PLEOT). Download here. 

Martin Lawoko, Wallenberg Wood Science Center – Can Carbohydrates be used to dictate structure in native lignins? Towards a more homogenous technical lignin. Download here.

Session 5: The Role of Innovations for the Forest-based Industries

Victoria Lerma, AIDIMA - IT tools for customised virtual representation and standard information for furniture products. Download here.

Winner of the Schweighofer Prize 2011:

Åge Holmestad, Moelven Limtre AS – Tidal Power Plant, with Wooden Turbine Blades. Download here.

Johannes Kappen, PTS – Joint Industry and Research Effort, Taking Paper Recycling to the Next Level. Download here.

Ola Hildingsson, CEO Domsjö Fabriker – The Domsjö Biorefinery Business Case. Download here.


Joint COST-FTP Early-Stage Researchers’ Forum


Dr Matthias Haury: Head of Science Operations, COST Office. Download here.

Early-stage researchers' presentations

Erik Larnøy (winner) – Wood protection by means of electro osmotic pulsing technology (PLEOT). Download here.

Martin Lawoko (winner) – Can Carbohydrates be used to dictate structure in native lignins? Towards a more homogenous technical lignin. Download here.

Virginie Bigand – Cationisation of xylan and galactomannan hemicelluloses and their use in the paper pulp. Download here.

Franc Budija – Performance of a surface coating made from liquefied wood. Download here.

Eduard Correal Mòdol – Physical and mechanical wood properties of Castanea sativa applied to glulam. Download here.

Maria Vincenza Chiriacò – Extending large-scale forest inventories to non-forest areas. Download here.

Levente Dénes – Intelligent Chair Development for the Healthy Office Work – The Post-Human Era. Download here.

Lieven De Boever – Potential of poplar and willow wood for construction products. Download here.

Stephanie Helmling – Wood properties of Dipterys panamensis harvested in the Gatún Dam lake, Panama. Download here.

Enrique Hernández Tecles – Use of CpSSR for identification of forest reproductive material: application to Pinus species in Spain. Download here.

Kerstin Johansen – Flexible automation in furniture manufacturing using dual-armed manipulators – Case study and future research. Download here.

Uzay Karahalil – Designing Forest Management Plans for Protected Areas: A case study in Köprülü National Park. Download here.

Kaarina Kekäläinen – Method for estimating the efficiency of chemical pre-treatment for micro- and nanocellulose production. Download here.

Andreja Kutnar – Novel Green Building Composites: Properties, Design and Life-Cycle Assessment. Download here.

Victoria Lerma Arce – Assessment system for the evaluation of potential biomass residues. Download here.

Radim Matula – Coppice restoration as a means to sustainable biomass production and biodiversity conservation. Download here.

Alexander Pfiem – Simultaneous shaping and fixation of veneer by specific material modification. Download here.

Sven Mutke Regneri – Mediterranean pine nuts from agroforestry systems – an opportunity for rural development. Download here.

Nicolas Robert – Bunding or stacking payment for environmental services: opportunities or threats to the provision of ES? Download here.

Jana Spulerová – Ecosystem services of small woodland in agricultural landscape. Download here.

Ales Straze – Improvement of conventional kiln drying of sawn-wood by adaptive drying potential. Download here.