FTP conference - From Vision to Reality – Implementing the Strategic Research Agenda 
Irdning/Admont, Styria, Austria, 2-3 May 2006

The FTP conference in Austria had as theme From Vision to Reality - Implementing the Strategic Research Agenda. The conference was attended by 180 participants from 25 European countries.

Programme & presentations (click on links)

2 May 2006
09.00 Registration
09.30 Opening Session, Prof. Björn Hägglund (Chairman High level group FTP)
- Welcome address, Mr. Schrittwiese, President Government of Styria
10.00 Session 1: SRA ready to take off! - Chairperson Dkfm. Michael Gröller (President Austrian paper industry)
- A look to the future, Mr. Claes Göran Beckeman(Project Director FTP)
- From RPs to programmes and projects!, Prof. Yves Birot (Chairman Scientific Council FTP)
- EU Framework Programme 7, Dr. Christian Patermann (Director European Commission)
11.15 Coffee Break
11.45 Session 2: The keys to success - Chairperson Dr. Erich Wiesner (Chairman Association of Austrian Wood Industries)
What do we expect from the SRA?
- An industrial perspective from Woodworking industries, Mr. Harald Finne (President of UPM-Kymmene Wood Products Division)
- An industrial perspective from Pulp and Paper, Mr. Carl G. Björnberg (Chairman Myllykoski Corporation, Vice Chairman of CEPI)
- A perspective from a large forest owner, Dr. Georg Erlacher (Manager Austrian Federal Forestry Company)
- A perspective from a small private forest owner, DI Winfried Eberl (Chamber of agriculture and forestry in Styria)
13.00 Lunch Break
14.00 Session 3: Making synergies between the European research agenda and national programmes, Chairperson Ms Lisa Sennerby-Forsse (Secretary-General of Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning)
- The role of the SRA in Germany, Prof. Konstantin v. Teuffel (Chairman NSG Germany)
- The role of the SRA in The Netherlands, Mr. Willem Emmen (Chairman NSG The Netherlands)
- The role of the SRA in Sweden, Mr. Magnus Wikström (Korsnäs, NSG Sweden)
14.45 Coffee Break

15.15 Session 4: National's awareness of the future  Chairperson DI Gerhard Mannsberger (Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water)
- NSG Finland, Mr. Lars Gädda
- NSG Latvia, Mr. Spuls-Vilcans
- NSG France, Mr. Jérôme Grassin
16.15 End of first Day

3rd May 2006

09.30 Session 5: Success stories for research based innovations - Chairperson DI Helmuth Neuner (Chairman FTP Wood products chain)
- Breakthrough innovation requires long-term commitment, Mr. Stefan Andersson (Tetra Pak)
- Success is the art of perfection, Mr. Herfried Lammer (Kompetenzzentrum Holz, Austria)
- Thermo-treatment for high quality flooring, Mr. Ewald Fuchs (STIA, Austria)