26 February 2014

COST is asking for your support with a Customer Satisfaction and Impact Study, which Technopolis are currently undertaking oh behalf of the COST Office.

A series of online surveys have recently been launched to seek the views of COST Action participants and other stakeholders. They would also like to gather input from the wider community, and in particular those individuals that have never applied for a COST Action. For this purpose, a short online questionnaire has been launched, which can be accessed at the following address.


The feedback sought will improve understanding of the reasons for non-application, and could significantly help to tailor COST Actions in the future.

For further information on the study or the questionnaire please contact:
Zsuzsa Jávorka (Technopolis) at zsuzsa.javorka@technopolis-group.com, or
Agnieszka Stasiakowska (COST Office) at agnieszka.stasiakowska@cost.eu


A letter of accreditation signed by the Director of the COST Office is available at the following address: www.technopolis-group.com/COST

Cost Actions

Forests, their Products and Services (FPS)

Forestry Research supports activities aiming at meeting the economic, environmental and social needs of present and future generations in a sustainable way. In the light of the current international forest dialogue the DC FPS offers a forum for encouraging a scientific debate on ensuring a sustainable provision of forest products and services, such as wood and wood products, water and soil protection, climate regulation, bioenergy, rural development, recreation and public health, habitats for wildlife, landscape diversity, carbon sinks and reservoirs.

Forests and Environment research activities focus on the protection of forests from pollution, abiotic and biotic hazards (fires, storms, pests and diseases…) in order to maintain their full multiple values and the important roles of forests in climate change mitigation and adaptation. In this context adequate importance is attached to the provision of timely, reliable and accurate information on forests and forest ecosystems as they are essential for public understanding and knowledge-based decision-making.

Wood Technology research aims at an increase of knowledge necessary for an enhanced and broader use of wood as a sustainable, energy efficient and renewable resource in existing (buildings, constructions etc) and new applications. With the objective to enhance the competitiveness of wood and wood composites, DC FPS supports research activities focusing on the improvement of wood properties, the performance of timber and its indoor and outdoor usability.

Pulp and Paper research contributes to increased knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the pulps and the resulting products. High priority is placed on optimising the level of utilisation of the resources and to improve both the sustainability of pulp and paper making and the competitiveness of paper products in particular in new applications. The research also enables the development of intelligent and efficient manufacturing processes, including reduced energy consumption.

Bioenergy from forests research enhances our knowledge about how to use biomass from forests to meet the energy needs of present and future generations sustainably and without damaging the forest’s ability to meet other needs. Biorefinery research develops the potential for the forest-based sector to extract higher value innovative products for changing markets and customer needs.

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Materials, Physics and Nanosciences (MPNS)

The Domain Materials, Physics and Nanosciences (MPNS) is home to material science, extending from conception through to production and includes characterization, examination, evaluation, fabrication and development, to actual application and service, as well as related databases, codes, standards and inspections.

The Domain thus also incorporates nanomaterials and nanosciences and the nanotechnological applications thereof. It also supports exploratory basic and applied research in physics, theoretical and experimental, as a key to understanding the laws governing the behaviour of matter and energy.

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