NSG Russia

The National Support Group of Russia (NSG Russia) was set up in 2006. Today, it brings together representatives of academia and industry. The research community is represented by the Russian Academy of Sciences, universities and state scientific centres. Industry is represented by the Association of Organizations and Enterprises of the Pulp and Paper Industry as well as small and medium-sized companies, including representatives from loggers and bio-product companies.

As its main objectives, NSG Russia aims to contribute to promoting the role of education and research in line with the needs of the forest-based sector, improving the level of innovation, increasing funding for the sector and promoting the opportunities provided by different national and international funding programmes.

Russia accounts for over 20% of the world’s forest area. Forests occupy over half of the country, but the share of the forest-based sector in the gross domestic product (GDP) is lower than 2%. The Russian forest-based sector has therefore a considerable potential for improvementToday, main efforts focus on developing the forest-based bioeconomy, to which the sector is a key contributor. The main challenges are: forestry intensification, while respecting the principles of sustainable forest management; the modernization of the pulp and paper sector; creation of companies within the field of deep wood processing, and biorefineries.

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