FTP Task Force

Dedicated FTP task forces (FTP TF) provide important advice, insights and recommendations on research, technological development and innovation (RTD&I) needs or emerging trends from a value chain or thematic perspective. FTP TFs have a limited duration and bring together members of the FTP Secretariat, sponsor companies and other experts of the forest-based sector. The following task force is currently active:

FTP Pulp & Paper Industry Task Force (PPI Task Force)

The FTP Pulp and Paper Industry Task Force (PPI TF) was set up to support FTP in its advocacy vis-à-vis the European Commission and to strengthen the successful delivery of the FTP Vision 2030 and the CEPI 2050 Roadmap. The PPI Task Force is responsible for identifying industry needs for research, technological development and innovation, and for encouraging the participation of industry in research consortia, with the aim of maximizing the opportunities created by EU research and innovation funding programmes.


Bernard de Galembert, Bioeconomy and Innovation Director, CEPI