FTP Newsletters

Issue 29January 2017. Download here

1. Editorial

2. The Bioeconomy Panel pushes the bioeconomy higher up the European Commission's agenda

3. Mid-term assessment of Horizon 2020 shaping the next EU funding
4. Event organised by EUBA brings MEPs and industry together to discuss synergies between the bioeconomy and the circular economy
5. ERA CoBioTech announces its first co-funded Call for transnational biotechnology research project
6. Have your say on teh BBI JU's implementation
7. First-ever Maltese EU Council Presidency

8. National Research Agenda launched in Sweden
9. Switzerland regains full membership of Horizon 2020

10. The wooden facade of the new Council building has been chosen to symbolize Europe's cultural diversity


Issue 28December 2016. Download here

1. NSG Slovenia leads research consortium awarded €45 million RTD grant
2. InnoRenew project pursues knowledge-based innovation to transform the Slovenian forestry and construction sectors

3. Shaping the ERA-NET co-fund ´Innovative Forest-based Bioeconomy`
4. 1st EU Raw Materials Week features forest-based innovation
5. Exploring research cooperation between EU and Indian pulp and paper sector

6. European Commission launches public consultation on Horizon 2020
7. EIP on Raw Materials calls for new members
8. Innovation trends highlighted at European Paper Week

9. FTP Vision and SRA reconfirmed as key roadmaps for forest-based innovation in Europe
10. Bratislava Agenda highlights strategic role of ETPs in steering innovation cohesion in Europe 

11. European paper industry foresees 40 % more investment to lead the low carbon economy


Issue 27October 2016. Download here

1. Forest-based sector recommendations for the next Horizon 2020 Work Programme released

2. EFI members support efforts during the programming period
3. MWP recognises CT-scanning as the most important innovation of the sector in 2016 
4. Bioeconomy Panel tasked with outlining stakeholders' perspectives on the EU bioeconomy 
5. Shaping the Nordic bioeconomy 

6. Wood-based feedstocks can unlock the potential of complete biomass value chains in Central and Eastern Europe
7. Biobased sectors to be better placed in the circular economy package and in legislative proposals on waste

8. NSG Austria speeds up action in the programming period of Horizon 2020 
9. Woody biomass plays a central role in the ambitions of the Dutch bioeconomy 

10. Research project 'What Wood We Believe' unveils societal perceptions of the forest-based sector



Issue 26September 2016. Download here


1. FTP's partnerships expand with the newly formed NSG UK
2. Stakeholders rally together in the UK

3. The outcomes of the FTP Stakeholder Consultation provide timely input for the NMBP Work Programme 2018-2020

4. Commission announces €8.5 billion funding for research and innovation in 2017
5. Slovak Presidency of the EU will host international conference on NMBP
6. EUSTAFOR calls for EU policies to better recognise climate change mitigation potential of forests

7. Ewa Ratajcza becomes new Chair of NSG Poland
8. NSG Norway to step up activity after completing work on new national strategy

9. Marcus Wallenberg Prize acknowledges scientific and technological breakthroughs of the forest-based sector



Issue 25: July 2016. Download here


1. Editorial

2. Inclusive FTP Stakeholder Consultation help outline research priorities for the forest-based sector 
3. Innovation and sustainable management will ensure competitiveness of the forest-based sector in the future 

4. European Bioeconomy Panel initiates second term of activities
5. Contribution to the public consultation on SC2 priorities 
6. CEPI announces new Director General 
7. 'Bioeconomy - a motor for the circular economy'
8. CEPI and EFPRO invite young researchers to engage with innovation in the pulp and paper industry

9. NSG Sweden appoints new Chair
10. FTP network in action 

11. Computed tomography scanning of timber to increase the value of sawn products



Issue 24: May 2016. Download here


The BBI JU 2016 Call for Proposals

1. Attractive funding opportunities for the EU forest-based sector in the new BBI JU Call
2. A further €189 million funding for research and innovation for biobased industries

3. FTP stakeholders' consultation open until 31 May
4. "What could be more boring than a room filled with sharp minds who have exactly the same opinion?"
5. Seminar debated of cross-sectorial synergies to unleash innovation potential for forestry, fuel and transportation
6. Share your images and help FTP showcase innovation of opportunities for the forest-based sector
7. FTP in the media

8. EUBA calls for EU global leadership in the bioeconomy

9. Germany: the Fibres & Paper 2030 project looks ahead to the future of fibre-based materials

10. About additive manufacturing?



Issue 23: April 2016. Dowload here


1. Lena Ek takes over as the new Chair of the FTP Board
2. FTP launches new prioritization process to improve funding opportunities in the final years of Horizon 2020

3. New leadership of FTP Advisory Committee announced
4. FTP seeking better coherence between FTP SRA and upcoming EC long-term strategy for agricultural research
5. Symposium on the future of wood products industries and the bioeconomy recognizes the role of research and innovation
6. FTP in the media7. FTP Secretariat strengthens its team

8. Plenty of opportunities for the forest-based sector to express its research priorities
9. EUBA articulates enhanced cooperation between the Commission and EP towards a stronger bioeconomy agenda
10. EUSTAFOR celebrates its 10th anniversary
11. VERAM website goes live
12. Sumforest announces call for transnational research projects

13. Successful reactivation of NSG Spain
14. Thematic groups within NSG Italy will review Italian national research agenda

15. Innovative approach on forest governance offers solutions to fix ownership fragmentation in Finland


Issue 22: February 2016. Dowload here

1. FTP Outlook 2016

2. VERAM project tasked will drafting the research roadmap for EU raw materials
3. Funding opportunities are available for inter-regional cooperation for forest innovation
4. Expression of Commitments on raw materials favours funding opportunities
5. Connect with FTP

6. Director General Marco Mensink to leave CEPI in March
7. CEPF announces new Secretary General

8. Finnish FTP National Support Group adopts the Forest Bioeconomy NRA
9. NSG Austria maps its national research and innovation priorities

10. 50-years old timber frames turned into brand new windows



 Issue 21: September - December 2015. Dowload here

  1. FTP celebrates 10 years and a stronger European network
  2. Building the FTP advocacy agenda together
  3. FTP AC Meeting discussed outcomes of the 10-Year Anniversary
  4. VERAM project signed
  5. Increased industry participation at the FTP Partnering Event 2015
  6. FTP highlights to MEPs the role of research and innovation in the forest-based sector
  7. A new staff member joins FTP8. Industry 4.0, the main theme of the European Paper Week 2015
  8. €1.2 billion bio-product mill investment presented at the Bioeconomy Investment Summit
  9. 10. Forest-based sector included in the 4th SCAR Foresight  Study11.
  10. Bio-based sector listed among the priorities of the EC’s new Circular Economy Package
  11. Heiko Thömen is the new Chair of FTP’s NSG in Switzerland
  12. NSG Sweden hosted a National Research Agenda Day
  13. Did you know…??


Issue 20: July - August 2015. Dowload here

  1. FTP Partnering Event 2015 - Update
  2. FTP 10th Year Anniversary
  3. Staffing Changes in the FTP Office
  4. FTP’s VERAM Proposal - A Success!
  5. H2020 Work Programmes 2016-2017
  6. New BBI JU 2015 Call for Proposals
  7. ERC Work Programme 2016
  8. New European Innovation Council?
  9. Marcus Wallenberg Prize
  10. EP Lunch Debate on Forestry and Climate Change
  11. Did you know?

   Schweighofer Prize Award Ceremony


Issue 19:  May - June 2015. Download here

  1. First Project Statistics for Horizon2020 - Update
  2. Preparing for the FTP Partnering Event 2015
  3. 35th Meeting of the FTP Advisory Committee, 17 June
  4. 39th Meeting of the FTP Board, 22 June
  5. PPI Task Force Meeting, 1 June
  6. Other FTP Meetings and Public Appearances
  7. FTP at Green Week
  8. FTP 10th Year Anniversary
  9. European Bioeconomy Alliance Activities
  10. Biobased Industries JU 2015 Call for Proposals
  11. EC to Cut €500M less from H2020
  12. News from the German NGS: A New Updated NRA
  13. News from a Reorganised Slovakian NSG
  14. News from a Reorganised Spanish NSG
  15. Did you know?

          …that until 15 September you have an opportunity to put your most innovative product in the limelight?


Issue 18: March - April 2015. Download here

  1. First Project Statistics for Horizon2020
  2. Preparation of Work Programmes 2016-2017
  3. Meeting of the FTP Advisory Committee, 13 March
  4. Meeting of the FTP Board, 19 March
  5. Stronger Focus on Industry & Innovation in the Next FTP Partnering Event
  6. FTP Submits a Horizon2020 Proposal
  7. 4th Plenary Meeting of the Bioeconomy Panel
  8. Kick-off Meeting of the EP Bioeconomy Working Group
  9. FTP Participates at IUFRO Bioeconomy Symposium
  10. FTP 10th Year Anniversary
  11. Biobased Industries JU 2015 Call for Proposals
  12. EP against Using H2020 for Financing Juncker Plan
  13. EUSTAFOR General Assembly
  14. Re-election of the BBI Board
  15. News from the Slovenian NGS: The InnoRenew Project
  16. Did you Know?

that California is at the Forefront in the US in the Fight against Plastic Bags?
…that Softwood Cellulose Can Be Used to Produce Fish Feed?


Issue 17: December 2014- February 2015. Download here

  1. EIP on Raw Materials
  2. FTP Pulp & Paper Industry Task Force Activities
  3. Horizon 2020 Funding Statistics for 2014 Still Pending
  4. Horizon 2020: FTP Input to WP2016-2017
  5. Prioritising New Innovative Topics
  6. European Bioeconomy Alliance and Meeting with Commissioner Moedas
  7. BIC Extraordinary General Assembly
  8. CEPF Members Day
  9. Assessing Cost Impacts of EU Legislation
  10. New COST Action Call Announced
  11. InnovaWood Initiative to Promote COST Actions
  12. German National Research Agenda
  13. Switzerland Associated Country on Parts of H2020
  14. New FTP NSG Observer Country: Portugal
  15. Did you know

  … that FTP Will Celebrate its 10th Year Anniversary in 2015?


Issue 16: July-November 2014. Download here

1. Meet FTP’s New Communications & Project Officer
2. Third Meeting of the European Bioeconomy Panel
3. Bioeconomy Director Visits the Forest-Based Sector
4. FTP Undertakes Major Project Inventory
5. Meeting Swedish MEPs
6. 36th FTP Board Meeting
7. FTP & Textiles ETP Host Workshop on Wood Textiles
8. First FTP Pulp & Paper Industry Task Force Meeting
9. 33rd Meeting of the FTP Advisory Committee
10. EIP Raw Materials Meeting
11. Outcome of the 2014 FTP Joint Partnering Event
12. Annual ETP-EC Workshop
13. Sveaskog Joins FTP as Support Company
14. FTP Campaigns for a Horizon 2020 Focus Area
15. ICA Deans Forum
16. ERA-Net SumForest Meeting in Kazan, Russia
17. Expert Group on Forest-based Industries, 1st Meeting
18. Successful Launch of the 1st Call of the Biobased Industries JU
19. European Wood Action days “Wood for Growth”
20. Competitiveness in Focus at the European Paper Week
21. A Promising Start for a Reorganised FTP Austria
22. FTP Germany prepares a new National Research Agenda
23. FTP in France for EFIB2014
24. Did you know?
  …that Carlos Moedas is the New European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation?


Issue 15: May-June 2014. Download here

1. Meeting of the FTP Advisory Committee, 12 June
2. PulPaper 2014, 34 June
3. New FTP Woodworking Task Force
4. FTP Paper Task Force to be set up
5. FTP to recruit new Communications & Project Manager
6. Input to 2016-2017 work programme
7. Bio-based Industries PPP gets go ahead
8. Leadership changes at CEPI
9. EP elections and a new European Commission
10. News from the FTP NSGs. Focus: The Netherlands
11. New guidelines to be drawn up for FTP NSGs
12. Did you know?...
... about the Bioeconomy Panel?


Issue 14: March-April 2014. Download here

1. FTP-EC Workshop, 12 March
2. Meeting of the FTP Advisory Committee, 11 March
3. Meeting of the FTP Board, 24 March
4. FTP Woodworking Task Force to be set up
5. EIP Raw Materials – GENTLE proposal
6. PPP Bio-based Industries - status update
7. DC FPS COST meeting
8. New organisation of DG Research & Innovation
9. News from the FTP NSGs: final input to Work Programme 2015 draft texts
10. Did you know?...
... why the 2014 European Parliament elections are different?


Issue 13: January-February 2014. Download here

1. Visit of Italian woodworking industries, 29 January
2. FTP Management Team meeting, 30 January
3. Two Teams Project partnering event, 20 February
4. Horizon 2020 call – open for Calls
5. EIP Raw Materials – Call for Commitments
6. COST FPS (Forests, their Products and Services) – new structure
7. Bioeconomy Panel Plenary meeting, 12-13 February
8. BIC General Assembly, 20 February
9. Biorefinery conference, 11-12 February
10. Sweden produces new Tree-shirt
11. Did you know?...
... how wood-based fibre is made into fabric?


Issue 12 - special end of year issue: December 2013. Download here

1. FTP in 2013 – looking back over the year
2. Meeting of the FTP High-level Group, 11 December
3. ETP workshop, 19 December
4. Horizon 2020 budget approved by the Council
5. Horizon 2020 call texts officially published
6. EIP on Raw Materials – call for commitments
7. BIC General Assembly, 13 December
8. EP elections 2014 – what it means for the forest-based sector
9. Did you know?…
...about the MFF?


Issue 11: October - November 2013. Download here

1. Meeting of the FTP Advisory Committee, 1 October
2. Union of Nordic Forest Owners Associations (NSF) visits Brussels
3. Meeting of the FTP High-level Group, 31 October
4. FTP Joint Brokerage Event, 15 November
5. Horizon 2020 budget approved and call texts made available
6. Call for independent experts for Horizon 2020 evaluation
7. EIP on Raw Materials – call for commitments launched
8. European Paper Week: Two Team Project winners announced
9. News from the FTP NSGs. New Chairwoman for the Danish NSG
10. Did you know?…
...how important decisions are made in the EU?
… about the European Parliament’s Rules of Procedure?


Issue 10: August - September 2013. Download here

1. New Chairperson for the FTP Board (FTP High-level Group)
2. Meeting of the European Bioeconomy Panel, 17 Sept.
3. Follow up on FTP's recently undertaken "Topic Proposals Process" - follow up and outlook for Horizon 2020.
4. Trees4Future Stakeholder meeting, 24 September
5. Workshop on the Wood-based Bioeconomy, 30 September
6. New EU Forest Strategy & Blueprint for Forest-based Industries
7. PPP for the bio-based industries - Bridge 2020 changes name
8. WoodWisdom.Net+ Call - latest news
9. Timeline for Horizon 2020
10. The Strategic Innovation Plan (SIP) for the EIP on Raw Materials is approved
11. Werner Förster retires
12. News from the FTP NSGs. Focus: Czech Republic
13. Did you know?...why the forest is good for health and learning skills?


Issue 9: June - July 2013. Download here

1. EP lunch debate on the revised FTP Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda 2020 (SRA)
2. FTP workshop on wood technology - EuroNanoForum, Dublin, 20 June
3. FTP Topic Proposals process update and outcome
4. FTP Advisory Committee meeting, 24 June
5. FTP High-level Group meeting, 25 June
6. FTP speaks at WOOD2BUILD, Namur (Belgium), 6 June
7. European Commission approves PPP for the bio-based industries
8. Preparation for Horizon 2020: call topic proposal preparation
9. FTP gets EC support under new ETP strategy
10. News from the FTP NSGs: new activity from Czech Republic
11. Did you know?... that high-heeled shoes could be made out of birch ply?


Issue 8: April - May 2013. Dowload here

  1. EP lunch debate on the revised FTP SRA for 2020
  2. InnovaWood & UNECE/FAO meeting, Geneva
  3. FTP newsletter now bi-monthly
  4. PROsumer.NET project - final conference
  5. New project proposal: FOCUS
  6. EIP raw materials – update
  7. Preparations for Horizon 2020: call topic workshops
  8. FTP nominated to European Bioeconomy Panel
  9. News from the FTP NSGs. Focus: Finland
  10. Did you know? … about dissolving pulp?                                                         


Issue 7: January - March 2013. Download here.

  1. 8th FTP Conference 12 - 13 March
  2. Launch of revised FTP Vision and SRA 2020
  3. Joint FTP-COST Early-stage Researchers’ Forum
  4. The Bio Based Industries Initiative (BRIDGE) PPP
  5. WoodWisdom.Net + (brokerage event 20-21 Feb)
  6. FTP High-level Group (HLG) meeting, 15 January
  7. New FTP AC Chair - announcement
  8. PROsumer.NET (Innovation Policy validation workshop)
  9. EIP raw materials – preparation of the SIP
  10. Outlook for Horizon 2020 budget at €70 billion excluding correction for inflation
  11. Commission strategy for ETPs
  12. Preparations for work programme 2014-2016 
  13. Did you know?  … about the EP Intergroup on Climate Change, Development and Sustainability?                                                       


Issue 6: October - December 2013. Download here.

  1. Revision of FTP Vision and SRA – publication and launch
  2. 8TH FTP Conference, 12-13 March, Barcelona
  3. Joint FTP-COST Early-stage Researchers’ Forum, 11-12 March
  4. The Biobased Industries PPP (BRIDGE)
  5. Energy Efficiency in Building PPP – New Cross-ETP Research and Innovation Roadmap
  6. Five new COST Actions under the FPS domain launched in December/January
  7. FTP meetings, conferences and presentations
  8. European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs)
  9. News from Horizon 2020 – update
  10. EU unitary patent breakthrough
  11. CEPF Members Day, 7 November 2012
  12. European Paper Week, 13-15 November 2012
  13. RoK-FOR final conference, 4 December 2012
  14. News from the FTP NSGs. Focus: Slovenia
  15. Did you know?
    ... about the Standing Forestry Committee (SFC)?
    … about novel automotive applications using forest-based fibre materials?

Corrigendum to item 8
(EIPs): CEPI will be represented in the High-level Steering Group for the EIP Raw Materials by Ramon Alejandro Balet (SAICA), not the CEPI Raw Materials Manager.


Issue 5: July - September 2012. Download here.

  1. Research Commissioner points to FTP as an ETP success story!
  2. Revision of FTP Vision and SRA – 2nd Stakeholder Consultation
  3. The Biobased Industries PPP (Biobased for Growth)
  4. FTP Advisory Committee meeting – 20 September
  5. FTP High-level Group meeting - 24 September
  6. 8TH FTP Conference – further details
  7. European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs) – update
  8. News from Horizon 2020 – call topics published by EC
  9. Deadline final call FP7
  10. New Executive Director of EUSTAFOR - Mr. Piotr Borkowski
  11. FACCE JPI meeting - 28 September
  12. News from the FTP NSGs. Focus: Sweden
  13. Did you know?

… what a COST Action is?
…. About ‘Print a House’ technology?

Issue 4: April - June 2012. Download here.

  1. Revision of FTP Vision and SRA - 2nd Stakeholder Consultation
  2. The Bio-Based Industries Initiative (Biobased for Growth) PPP
  3. EU-Russia VII International Symposium
  4. EU Council supports European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs)
  5. Final FP7 Call, Work Programme 2013 to be published in July
  6. News from Horizon 2020
  7. FTP-COST Joint Partnering Event, Munich - 15 May
  8. FTP Advisory Committee meeting - 16 April
  9. FTP High Level Group meeting - 8 May
  10. FTP on the JPI "FACCE" Stakeholder Advisory Board
  11. FTP's 8th Conference - dates confirmed
  12. PROsumer.NET (EU Industrial Technologies Conference)
  13. BUILDING UP project - status report
  14. Trees4Future - access now open
  15. News from the FTP NSGs. Focus: France
  16. Factories of the Future Roadmap Consultation
  17. FTP get formal seat in the Advisory Committee on Forestry and Forest-based Industries (DG ENTR)
  18. Best4VarioUse final conference - 23 May
  19. Did you know?


Issue 3: January - March 2012. Download here.

  1. Revision of the FTP Vision and SRA documents
  2. On-going discussions with the EC on the Bio BasedIndustries Initiative (b2i2.eu) Public-Private Partnership
  3. EIPs (European Innovation Partnerships)
  4. News from Horizon 2020
  5. WoodWisdom.Net seminar, Helsinki 
  6. Special focus: PROsumer.NET Innovation Policy Workshop, 28 February
  7. BUILDING UP project - status report 
  8. News from the FTP NSGs. Focus: Norway 
  9. Danish Presidency Conference / CEPI Innovation Committee etc.
  10. Did you know…


Issue 2: October - December 2011. Download here.

  1. Revision of the FTP Vision and SRA documents
  2. EU research funding and innovation framework policy
  3. Call topics for 2013 Work Programme
  4. FTP Joint Partnering Event with COST, 15 May, Munich
  5. Initiating discussions with the EC on a biorefinery Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
  6. Contribution to the new EU Forestry Strategy
  7. Advisory Committee meeting, 22 November
  8. FTP HLG meeting, 6 December
  9. Final Star-COLIBRI conference
  10. Final review meeting of Star-COLIBRI
  11. PROsumer.NET update and announcement of workshop in February
  12. BUILDING UP project - status report
  13. News from the FTP NSGs. Focus: Germany
  14. FTP office news
  15. Did you know…


Issue 1: July - September 2011. Download here.

  1. FTP Conference in Warsaw, 26-27 September
  2. COST-FTP Early-Stage Researchers’ Forum, Warsaw – 26 September
  3. EU Research and Innovation Framework Policy
  4. This year’s open FP7 Calls for proposals
  5. FTP High-level Group (HLG)
  6. FTP Advisory Committee (AC)
  7. FTP Executive Committee (ExCo)
  8. ‘Forest Sector's Contribution to the bioeconomy’ conference at the European Parliament
  9. FTP gives presentation at the Standing Forestry Committee ad hoc Working Group
  10. CEPI Innovation Committee
  11. CEI-Bois Board Meeting
  12. Star-COLIBRI