19 - 21.03.2018

World Bio Markets 2018

World Bio Markets is the leading strategic conference supporting the advancement of the bio-economy around the world. With governments committed to reducing emissions and consumers
becoming more educated about where their products come from, there are opportunities for the bio-based sector to become a true contender to fossil oil. Yet long development times, lack of investment, and challenges in attaining a secure and sustainable supply chain have made it difficult for the bio-economy to achieve commercial success. This event provides a platform for the entire global value chain, from feedstock producers to consumer brands, to work together to overcome these challenges.

2018 will see a renewed focus for World Bio Markets as the event will be delivered by BIO-BASED WORLD NEWS for the first time. Bio-Based World News is an events organiser and online community dedicated to the bio-economy, having previously organised the BioBased Live events series in Europe and the United States. Bio-Based World News provides the bio-based sector with news and insights on the latest innovations, projects, and developments in bio-based chemicals, bio-fuels, and bio-based products. Our expertise and connections within the bioeconomy
will contribute to the depth of content and quality of audience participation as well as providing an online platform for discussion and debate to continue both before and after the event takes place. We have revised the agenda to better reflect the audience and developments within the bio-based value chain. Alongside plenary sessions looking at common themes such as sustainable supply chains, investment, and industry collaboration, we will be launching three streams covering bio-based chemicals, bio-fuels, and sustainable products, enabling you to tailor your day to your own specific focus.

World Bio Markets will take place on the 20th-22nd March 2018 in Amsterdam

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