Funding Opportunities

Unlocking the sector’s innovation potential


Aiming at a more inclusive and transparent relationship with civil society, both the European Commission and the Member States encourage their active participation in various stakeholder groups, to help shape policies and investment plans, including the funding for research and innovation.

Within FTP, the European forest-based sector finds a dedicated platform to provide a coordinated and bottom-up contribution to the most important funding programmes. FTP advises policymakers on the sector’s research and innovation priorities and profiles the forest-based sector as the key actor in and enabler of the bioeconomy. EU and national funding providers maintain an ongoing discussion with FTP to identify the sector’s research needs, plan investments accordingly and collect relevant information to underpin policymaking.

The European Commission is a traditional funding provider of the European forest-based sector. Several projects are undertaken within the scope of the ongoing Research and Innovation Framework Programme Horizon Europe and past programmes, including the 7th Framework Programme for Research (FP7). Public-private partnerships and national initiatives such as the European Research Area (ERA) and funding agencies, as well as other funding mechanisms also offer valuable funding opportunities to help the sector move its innovation portfolio forward.