Mission-oriented research and innovation in the EU

In February, Professor Mariana Mazzucato published a report on mission-oriented research and innovation in the EU. Written at the request of the Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, and as a result of her extensive research, and consultation with internal and external stakeholders, the report provides strategic recommendations on missions and how they can be structured within the future EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, FP9. 

According to Mazzucato’s report, missions should be bold and inspirational with a broad societal relevance. Defined by long-term and high-risk investments, missions should comprise ambitious yet realistic research and innovation actions, brought forth by cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral and cross-actor innovation from multiple bottom-up solutions regarding today’s and future societal challenges. A high degree of flexibility and adaptability is required, to allow for a change of course if there is a risk that the predefined clear goals and milestones cannot be achieved. Missions should be broad enough to engage the public and attract cross-sectoral investment, whilst remaining focussed enough to involve industry and reach the goals and milestones set out. The report includes many recommendations and examples from previous missions that could help shape ideas of what possible EU missions could look like.

Have your say: in the upcoming FTP Advisory Committee meeting FTP will help the forest-based sector develop and prepare mission ideas that are in line with these recommendations. Apart from this, a call for feedback is available via a public consultation on missionslaunched by the European Commission, open from 22 February 2018 until 3 April 2018.