The Commission releases roadmap for EU Bioeconomy Strategy revision

The importance of the bioeconomy is increasingly recognized in Europe and beyond. In light of this, the objectives of the 2012 EU Bioeconomy Strategy and the accompanying Action Plan have delivered on many of their proposed objectives. It was recently decided to review the EU Bioeconomy Strategy to make sure it remains relevant in a changing policy environment. The roadmap now released by the European Commission indicates how the review of the Strategy is going to be organized. For FTP and the forest-based sector, it helps clarify at what stages further input from our stakeholders is needed. The updated Strategy and Action Plan should step up actions to safeguard a long-term balance of social, environmental and economic gains.

The 9th meeting of the Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel, that took place on 23 February, discussed the revision of the Bioeconomy Strategy from a stakeholder engagement perspective. The Panel identified where and how to contribute to the formulation of concrete actions for the new Strategy and its implementation at a later stage. 

The roadmap is currently open for stakeholder feedback that will be directly published online.