European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel wrestles with agreement on a European Bioeconomy Manifesto

The Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel is still struggling with the important milestone of finalizing the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto. This document is expected to be officially published on European Bioeconomy Day, set for mid-November. 

With 28 “building blocks” of which three are still being debated, the Manifesto aims to express the views of all stakeholder groups on relevant actions to boost the European bioeconomy. The document is intended to feed into the review of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan. 

Being the official representative of the European forest-based sector in the Panel, FTP has followed the development of the Manifesto closely and provided valuable input to its elaboration, backed up by contributions from relevant European associations and confederations within the sector.

In spite of the challenges of consensus-building, FTP hopes that the upcoming meeting of the Bioeconomy Panel on 6-7 July, can bring about a solution.