Vision 2040

FTP’s core document, Vision 2040 of the European forest-based sector, looks ahead at maximizing the potential of research and innovation in the forest-based sector to bring about resilient ecosystems, smart products and social growth within the circular bioeconomy. “Knowledge and investment, which leads to a sustainable increase in wood production, is the basis for the entire forest-based value industry.” Johan Elvnert, FTP Managing Director.

Vision 2040 explains the European forest-based sector’s ambition to continue growing as a key enabler of the circular bioeconomy. The document will guide you through:

•    the European forest-based sector as it is today

•    facts and figures about sustainably managed forests in Europe

•    inclusive resource-efficient production systems

•    a broad spectrum of smart products made from forest-fibre (e.g. textile fibres, transparent wood, nanocellulose), and the technologies used

•    an explanation of the importance of wood as a highly versatile and renewable raw material

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2015 Paris Agreement, Ten ambitious Vision Targets are at the core of the Vision. Among other things, these lay out the importance of resource efficiency, diversification of technologies, purposeful and safe jobs and renewable energy.

Forest managers and owners, researchers, companies and policymakers agree: strategic cross-sectoral alliances with other industries, and the support of investors and public institutions, will play a vital role. Vision 2040 will facilitate these interactions, as it clearly sets out the long-term ambitions of the forest-based sector.