Apply by 31 January to become a member of the EIP on Raw Materials

The European Commission’s DG GROW is calling for the applications of new members to make up the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP-RM). The deadline for applications is 31 January 2017.

A stronger representation of the forest-based sector in the new membership of the Operational Groups is expected and a subgroup dedicated to biotic raw material will be formed. The Operational Groups will consist of 180 experts, who will provide advice to the High-Level Group. During the EIP’s current mandate, FTP has been the rapporteur for the Biotic Materials Operational Group, which includes wood and natural rubber.

Recognised forest-based sector-related Raw Materials Commitments are European Hardwoods Innovation Alliance (EHIA), Enhancing the cascade use of wood by integrating an intensified mobilisation of forest resources (ECAMOB), Sustainable woody feedtstocks for bioeconomy (SWEETSTOCK), Competitive and environgentle jun-in-time forestry (GENTLE) and Introduction and improvement of separate paper collection to avoid landfilling and incineration (IMPACT). Please access here the complete list of Raw Materials Commitments.

The efforts of the forest-based sector in the European Innovation Partnerships has increased steadily since 2013. Currently, under the framework of the project Vision and Roadmap for European Raw Material (VERAM), FTP in its leading role has the chance to place wood as a crucial resource for a long-term European raw materials strategy aimed at sustaining raw materials supply for Europe.

Read more about the conditions of the call and eligibility criteria; you can also download the templates to submit your application.

Download the Q&A on the EIP-RM here