ESA launches Call for kick-start activities in pulp & paper industry

The European Space Agency (ESA), supports European industry by developing their ideas for new business applications using space technology. Space technology can support many parts of the pulp and paper value-chain, starting right in the forest. Therefore, ESA will shortly be launching a thematic Call for kick-start activities with the theme "pulp & paper". Kick-start activities typically develop the business opportunities and technical viability of new applications and services, exploiting one or more space assets. 

The Call will be open from 20 August and closed on 1 October 2018. Applications should either address Earth observation (monitoring tree and forest conditions, detection and assessment of unexpected impact on forests, air and water pollution), satellite navigation (positioning and guidance to support trace, tracking and improved logistics) or satellite communication (connectivity for data services whenever terrestrial communications are absent or not reliable). Successful kick-start activities will be funded 75% by the space agency, for a maximum amount of € 60,000 per contract. 

A preparatory webinar will take place on 16 August 2018.  

More information about the launch of the kick-start activities and the link to register for the webinar, can be found here