NSG Sweden

The forest-based sector and the R&I landscape in Sweden

National Support Group

NSG Sweden consists of a secretariat and three broad reference groups that include experts from industry, research community and government funding agencies. The Swedish Forest Industries Federation nominates the chairperson for NSG Sweden and the process leaders for the reference groups. Organizations appoint their own representatives in the reference groups.

The three reference groups are: Forests and forest raw materials; Wood processes and wood products; and Fiber-based products and biorefineries.

The primary concern of NSG Sweden is the continuous development of the Swedish Forest Sector Research Agenda. It compiles joint research and innovation prioritizations for the Swedish forest-based sector, and as such it serves as a foundation for dialogue with funding agencies and decision-makers both in Sweden and internationally. The agenda is also important in establishing the cross-border research collaborations that are vital to maintain a high academic level of research, to be of global benefit and to accelerate the transition to a circular bio-based society.

The Swedish forest-based sector has agreed upon the following research priorities to pave the way for a circular and bio-based society:

  • Increased growth of forest raw material in a forestry system that is digitalised and sustainable, that ensures functioning ecosystems and biodiversity, and that minimises the risks of damage and fires;
  • Increased use of wood in the building industry as a significant and cost-effective climate measure, and as a natural part of sustainable development in society;
  • More bio-based materials and products to replace fossil alternatives, and to pave the way for an increased number of bio-based solutions in new markets;
  • Further developed production processes as the basis for continued global competitiveness, and to ensure efficient use of forest raw material, and energy.

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External links

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Innovation News

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Research projects

  1. CTWood – Research programme at LTU focusing on the digitalization of the wood industry and builds on research on X-Ray computed tomography (CT) scanning of wood
  2. Competitive Timber Structures – Research programme at LNU focusing on Resource efficiency and climate benefits along the wood value chain through engineering design
  3. FIRE-RES (2019-2022) – Innovative Design For the Future – Use and Reuse of Wood (Building) Components

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