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The forest-based sector in Estonia

Estonia is a country rich in forests. Over the last five decades its stock has grown significantly, and today around 50% of Estonian territory is covered by forests spanning an area of 2.2 million hectares. Of this total, 75% are commercial forests and 25% fulfil environmental and nature protection functions. 

The National Support Group of Estonia (NSG Estonia) brings together the main stakeholders of the forest-based sector, with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of the sector through research and development. The research and development strategy for the forest-based sector, developed by NSG Estonia, outlines research priorities of key importance to its member organizations. The key recommendations of the strategy are also incorporated into the Estonian Forestry Development Programme, a nationwide sectoral framework for development of the forestry sector in Estonia up to 2020. On a European level, NSG Estonia promotes the activities set in motion by FTP, and disseminates information on international initiatives related to the forest-based sector.

NSG Estonia was established in May 2007 as an initiative of the Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association, the Estonian Furniture Industry Association, the Estonian Private Forest Union, the Ministry of the Environment, Tallinn University of Technology, the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the State Forest Management Centre. By joining forces these associations established a consortium in order to support pan-European activities together.

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