R&I Breakthroughs

This page will bring you a variety of Research and Innovation breakthroughs of the forest-based sector as concrete examples on how the sector is working towards its 10 Vision Targets for 2040 and putting the FTP SIRA 2030 into practice. Through this channel, we also aim to enhance the exchange of information and knowledge within the forest-based sector.


Developing sustainable fibre from wood-based cellulose with zero harmful chemicals and zero waste

Together with the growth of the world population, a cellulose gap appears due to the growing demand of fibre and the decreasing availability of cotton. It means that about one third of textile fibres used in 2030 would need to be cellulosic. Cotton can be replaced with man-made cellulose fibres or real cellulose-based fibre. Turning […]


Feeding forests with amino acids – From scientific discoveries to useful applications

Going beyond the common use of conventional fertilizer for plants, Professor Torgny Näsholm at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Umeå, Sweden, examined the role of amino acids in supplying the nitrogen required for the growth of forest trees. His studies showed that trees can absorb organic nitrogen from the soil, a breakthrough in […]