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77 Horizon Europe call topics relevant for the forest-based sector – FTP Call Topics Manual 2023-2024

To support FTP stakeholders, FTP analyzed the published Horizon Europe Work Programmes 2023 -2024 and identified the Call topics relevant for the forest-based sector. As a result, around 70 Call topics with a budget of € 1 billion were identified as relevant or indirectly relevant to the forest-based sector. These relevant Calls topics were mainly […]


The Future of Forestry might be closer than you think

This year, the International Day of Forests brings to light the innovation in the Forest-based sector with the theme “Forests and Innovation: New Solutions for a Better World”. On this occasion, FTP, together with EUSTAFOR recall the evolution of the sector and the importance of taking adequate measures to support it and to keep the […]


Innovation Fund Call and Auction: Advancing Low-carbon technologies

Last week, on 23 November 2023, the European Commission opened 2 Innovation Fund calls for proposals aiming at accelerating the deployment of innovative low-carbon technologies across Europe: the Innovation Fund 2023 Call and the Innovation Fund 2023 Auction. This funding could be primarily of interest to the pulp and paper industries and larger companies with […]


Exploring EU R&I funding opportunities: FTP and Xylofutur Partnering Event

On October 16th, FTP, in collaboration with its French member Xylofutur, organized a whole day Partnering Event in Bordeaux, back-to-back with the WoodRise Congress. The aim was to bring potential partners together to discuss common interests for future EU projects and to help FTP’s stakeholders to build competitive consortia, able to take home some of […]


Open and upcoming Horizon Europe calls – still time to apply!

In September 2023, 5 new Horizon Europe calls have opened for the forest-based sector, from the Cluster 4 mainly, with a high relevance for the pulp & paper industries. The deadline for these calls is set on 7 February 2024. Several calls also opened on 17 October and others will open in December 2023, for […]


UK rejoins Horizon Europe, Swiss await association: A Tale of EU Research Politics

The recent developments in European research politics have seen the UK’s return to the Horizon Europe research program while Switzerland remains on the sidelines. Both countries have faced exclusion from EU research initiatives due to political disagreements, but their paths towards reintegration differ significantly.This development holds positive implications for FTPs stakeholders in the UK and […]


Open Innovation Challenge – Seeking Innovative Solutions for Extreme Wildfires

In recent years, Europe has experienced a significant increase in the frequency and intensity of wildfires. These extreme wildfires have resulted in devastating consequences, including the loss of life, destruction of natural habitats, damage to infrastructure and the release of harmful emissions impacting air quality. The EU project FIRE-RES is calling upon innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists, […]


Apply for Blue Sky Young Researchers and Professionals Awards 2023 

Researchers and technologists carrying out projects in a wide range of activities relevant to forest-based science, products using forest-based raw materials, pulp and paper production process improvements or other innovations throughout the value chain are invited to submit their application for the Blue Sky Young Researchers & Innovation Award Europe 2023 or Blue Sky Pro […]


The EU Nature Restoration Law could be rejected

The European Commission’s proposed law on Nature Restoration is at a critical stage after a vote in the European Parliament’s environment committee on 15 and 27 June. The COM ENVI rejected the Committee’s Report with a final vote of 44 votes in favor, 44 against and 0 abstentions. The law has faced strong opposition, particularly […]


Working in wood construction? New calls are open for you!

Since the last update end of April 2023, 6 new Horizon Europe calls have opened for the forest-based sector, from the Cluster 5, and mainly focused on construction (Build4People Partnership). The deadline of these calls is set on5 September 2023. Woodworking Industries Demonstrate built-environment decarbonisation pathways through bottom-up technological, social and policy innovation for adaptive […]


A new Research Agenda for the Swedish forest-based sector

The Swedish forest-based sector and the research community, led by Torgny Persson, Chair of the NSG Sweden (part of FTP), worked hard to develop the “Swedish Forest-based Sector Research Agenda”. After launching the Swedish version in February 2023, the English version is now available for a broader public. specific Swedish interests and needs. National research […]