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FTP welcomes a new member from Austria

FTP is delighted to welcome the Austrian Research Centre for Forests (Bundesforschungszentrum für Wald, BFW) as an Associate Member. BFW is an Austrian multidisciplinary training and research centre of the Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism. Their expertise extends over forest growth, silviculture and genetics, biodiversity and nature conservation, forest ecology and soil, forest […]


Mikael Hannus appointed as the new Chair of FTP Board of Directors

Mr Mikael Hannus, Senior Vice-President of Group Innovation, Research and Development at Stora Enso has been elected new Chairperson of FTP Board of Directors. Mikael Hannus is responsible for technology and investments within Stora Enso. That includes developing new biomaterials and chemicals. With a long experience in a variety of technology areas related to biomass […]

Lena Ek steps down as Chair of FTP Board of Directors

Former Swedish Minister of Environment and current Chairperson of the Board of Södra Skogsägarna, Lena Ek has been the Chair of FTP Board of Directors since 2016. She is now stepping down and passing on the torch to Mikael Hannus, from Stora Enso. “It has been a fantastic time to be chairing FTP Board. Many […]


FTP Call Topics Manual guides you through the Horizon Europe Call topics

To support FTP stakeholders, FTP analyzed the published Work Programmes and identified the Call topics relevant for the forest-based sector. As a result, around 150 Call topics with a budget of € 2,1 billion were identified as relevant or indirectly relevant to the forest-based sector. These relevant Calls topics were mainly found under Pillar II, […]


Joint Statement: Draft new EU Forest Strategy: time to consider the opinion of EU forest and forest-based sector

After the leak of the upcoming draft EU Forest Strategy post-2020, FTP and 13 other organizations sent a joint statement to the European Commission to express their concerns. The views expressed by the sector over the last months have not been taken into consideration in the draft. In addition, the calls from the European Parliament […]


Horizon Europe Calls for 2020-2021 are now available

On 15 June 2021, the European Commission published the first Horizon Europe Work Programmes gathering the Call topics for 2021-2022 with a budget of € 14,7 billion. This first part falls within the entire approved budget of Horizon Europe amounts to € 95,5 billion for 2021 to 2027. In these first Work Programmes, various Calls […]


European Commission adopted its 2021 work programme

The Commission has adopted its 2021 work programme, designed to make Europe healthier, fairer and more prosperous, while accelerating its long-term transformation into a greener economy, fit for the digital age. It contains new legislative initiatives across all six headline ambitions of President von der Leyen’s Political Guidelines and follows her first State of the […]


The forest-based sector kicks off stakeholder consultation on R&I priorities

In light of its 10 Vision Targets for 2040 and the Strategic research and innovation agenda 2030 of the forest-based sector (SIRA 2030), FTP is actively working on prioritising the research and innovation (R&I) topics of the sector. This prioritisation process aims to create opportunities for high-impact R&I projects; collect innovative ideas and research questions; […]

The contribution of the EU Forest-based industries to the 2050 climate neutrality objective

In 2019, the European Forest-based Industries (FBI) jointly presented their vision of the European society in 2050, a vision of sustainable choices for a climate-friendly future, and the essential role that they can play in achieving the EU’s climate neutrality objective by 2050. A new study, “Climate effects of the forest-based sector in the European […]


European Parliament gave a greenlight to an ambitious and self-standing post-2020 European Forest Strategy

In a recent plenary session, the European Parliament has adopted the COM AGRI Report prepared by MEP Petri Sarvamaa on the new “European Forest Strategy – the way forward”. The EU should promote forest management models that seek to ensure forests are environmentally, societally and economically sustainable, MEPs said on Thursday. According to the MEPs, […]