NSG Norway

The Norwegian National Support Group (NSG Norway) represents all the sector value chains from forestry, wood, paper and pulp sectors, to markets. It represents the interests of the industry in research policy discussions in Norway and the European Union. The industry is represented by members of national forestry and industry associations, scientific institutes and companies.

The strategic needs for developing the Norwegian forest industry is well documented in the national strategic documents “Skog 22” and the “National research agenda for the forest sector”. NSG Norway works towards realizing the ambitions and potential outlined in these documents by influencing national and international research policy. This is achieved through enhanced cooperation between industry, scientific institutes and forest-based sector organizations at European level. 

In Norway, there is a strong focus on the construction market and end users. The tradition for building with wood has always been strong, but environmental trends open up new solutions and possibilities. At the same time, it is crucial for the Norwegian forest industry to maintain a balanced yet high turnover of all qualities of timber. 

The Norwegian National Support Group has a combination of people representing industry federations and research institutes.

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Are you a representative of a Norwegian company or organization and do you want to know what FTP can do to help you in the European arena?  Please contact the secretariat of NSG Norway.

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