Raw materials innovation partnership ready to act within changing technology and policy context

The 4th meeting of the High Level Steering Group (HLSG) of the European Innovation Partnership for Raw Materials (EIP-RM) took place in Brussels on 1st December. As an outcome of previous discussions with the Sherpas and EIP-RM stakeholders, the European Commission (EC) proposed a position paper on future orientations for the EIP-RM and the European raw materials value chains. The position paper aims at guiding the EC, as well as national policymakers and private actors, on tackling challenges such as Europe’s dependency on raw materials, resource efficiency, sustainability and the creation of jobs. FTPs chair and representative in the HLSG, Lena Ek, congratulated the EC on a very strong paper and reiterated the value of the wood-based value chain for the EU.

While considering the development of a circular bioeconomy, the position paper holds a range of recommendations on the way forward for the EU’s strategy on primary and secondary raw materials. It highlights the importance of research and innovation, dedicated information systems, sustainable industrial value chains, and responsible sourcing techniques. The need for support towards these developments was underlined. The position paper was tentatively adopted by the HLSG delegates.

For more information, please contact Johan Elvnert, FTP Managing Director and Sherpa to Lena Ek.