NSG Spain

The forest-based sector and the R&I landscape in Spain

National Support Group

The National Support Group of Spain (NSG Spain), represented by the Spanish Forest and Related Industries Technological Platform (PTFOR), is a cooperation network for promoting R&D&I. Its objective is to help the Spanish forestry sector and industries that make up its value chains (forestry, wood, paper, and pulp sectors), progress in their competitiveness and economic sustainability, social and environmental, promoting research, technological development, innovation, information, training, and internationalization.

PTFOR is also supported and recognized by the State Research Agency of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The agenda of the National Support Group of Spain (NSG Spain) aims to:

  • Advocate and build partnerships promoting the interests of Spanish forest-based sector stakeholders with regard to R&I initiatives and funding programmes through the FTP network and its activities;
  • Foster coordination with the competent national authorities to reinforce their support to the NSG;
  • Boost the Spanish forest-based sector through cooperation between private and public stakeholders linked to the sector’s value chains and through promoting their participation in European R&I funding programmes by means of workshops and brokerage events;
  • Invigorate the Spanish National Support Group through communication activities and engaging new members;
  • Organize workshops to update the Spanish Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda aligning the objectives with the FTP SIRA.

The key topics targeted by the NSG Spain are:

  • Sustainable forest management, biodiversity and resilience to climate change
  • Greater production and mobilization of sustainable wood
  • To obtain more added value from non-timber ecosystem services
  • Towards a circular society without waste, the efficient use of natural resources and the diversification of production and logistics technologies
  • Development of renewable building materials for healthier living and fiber-based products and 80% less CO2 emissions
  • Improvement of the interaction of society and forest areas, the relationship between urban and rural areas and the use and optimization of renewable energies of forest origin.

Exernal links

PTFOR website: https://www.ptfor.es/

Do you want to know more?

Are you a representative of a Spanish company or organization and do you want to know what FTP can do to help you in the European arena? Please contact the secretariat of the National Support Group of Spain (NSG Spain).


Research projects

  1. DIGIMEDFOR (2023-2027) – Digital tools and technology systems for the sustainable management of Mediterranean forest resources
  2. INFORMA (2022-2026) – Science-based Integrated Forest Mitigation Management made operational for Europe
  3. FIRE-RES (2021-2025) – Innovative technologies and socio-ecological-economic solutions for fire resilient territories in Europe
  4. FORGENIUS (2021-2025) – Improving access to Forest Genetic resources Information and services for end-users
  5. RESONATE (2021-2025)- Resilient forest value chains – enhancing resilience through natural and socio-economic responses

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