NSG Latvia

The National Support Group of Latvia (NSG Latvia) is a collegiate institution of leading companies and scientific institutions within the Latvian forestry sector, created as part of a project which established the Forest Sector Competence Centre of Latvia. The project was a government initiative to support growth and employment in Latvia, through pooling private investments in R&D and fostering the development of new products and technologies within the Latvian competence centres. The project is implemented within the area of Latvia’s Smart Specialization Strategy, “Knowledge Intensive Bio-Economics,” within the sub-area “Innovative solutions within forestry and woodworking.”

The leading Latvian companies in forestry, forest exploitation, timber handling and processing areas are all involved in this project, and they cooperate with scientific institutions recognized in the field of forestry and on an international level, such as the Latvian State Forest Research Institute “Silava”, the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, Latvia University of Agriculture, and the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute. 

The project aims to facilitate continuous, knowledge-based development, as well as investments in companies and scientific institutions within the forestry sector, through carrying out research of key importance to the sector. The project represents the interests of the forest industries, both in the research arena in Latvia and on a European level, corresponding to the strategic research areas of FTP, and thereby stimulating the representation of interest groups with two scientific orientations: increasing the capital value of forest and forestry; and developing new timber materials and technologies.

NSG Latvia aims to strengthen the potential of forestry in the field of science, the development of innovative materials and the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the Latvian forest industry, as well as its competitiveness in Europe and worldwide.

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