Forest management

Healthy and resilient forests are a prerequisite for a sustainable supply of raw materials to the forest-based industries. Around 90% of initial raw material for the European forest-based industries comes from sustainably managed EU forest resources. Sustainable forest management is a vital component of the rural economy. More than 250,000 people work in public and private forest enterprises, and who sustainably manage forests covering 43% of the EU’s land area (2016).


At the same time, sustainably managed forests deliver a variety of goods and services to society. They prevent floods, reduce soil erosion and improve air quality. Forests are the most species-rich of all terrestrial ecosystems. Managed with care and knowledge, the forests of Europe offer renewable raw materials as well as being a source of great biodiversity and recreational value for citizens. The European forest-based sector has already practiced sustainable forest management for many centuries, and this concept is continually evolving.