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The forest and wood processing sector is active in key areas related to importing, processing and exporting of (semi-)products, which is further supported by a strong bioeconomy strategy developed in 2012. In October 2016, a National Action Plan “Forest and Wood” was launched and signed by the Dutch Prime Minister, aiming to enhance forest growth, forest management practices as well as the mobilization of wood.

The key priorities of NSG Netherlands involve fostering the country’s processing industry as well as improving synergies between the value chains, by creating a stronger connection between forest management and the processing value chain.

Dutch forests are managed in a multifunctional way supplying some 10% of total national demand. Currently, the total harvest reaches a little over 50% of the increment, of which a large share of round wood is exported to Belgian and German sawmills, and oriented strand board (OSB) factories. Forest ownership is largely fragmented in the Netherlands, however, a limited number of owners hold a major share of the forest.   Biodiversity, conservation and recreation are important functions.

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Research projects

  1. SIMWOOD – Sustainable innovative mobilisation of wood
  2. PEGASUS –  Public ecosystem goods and services from land management – unlocking the synergies
  3. ClIMATE SMART FORESTRY – Dutch climate accord 

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