22 - 23.05.2018

Green Chemistry and White Biotechnology: From Innovation to Business

The 4th Edition of the International Conferences aims to make an inventory of innovative technologies and valuation approaches of green chemistry and white biotechnology activities in the world, to realize the sharing of knowledge and foster the creation of new research and development projects in the sector.

Michel Hartman is the Managing Director of Burgo Ardennes, a subsidiary of the Burgo Group based in Italy. Burgo Ardennes is located in Belgium.

As an electromechanical engineer, he followed a cursus specialized in paper engineering at the University of Grenoble, mainly to start a new paper mill (which will soon become Burgo Ardennes – a 500 million Euro investment).

After a one-year training in paper industry worldwide, he got in charge of starting up this factory. He was responsible for various posts within the factory for 13 years, as well as various development projects: R&D, investment, trouble-shooting, in both Belgium and Italy for the group. Having completed a strategic audit, he chose the development based on industrial optimization, (green) energy, logistics and the diversification and reorientation of the business to pulp and paper. Green chemistry is one of the studied solutions.

Michel Hartman is a Board member of the Belgian (Cobelpa) and French (Copacel) paper federations, and of the ATIP (the technical association of French paper-makers).
Michel HARTMAN will talk about: “The Valicell project", a partnership between the pulp mill of Burgo Ardennes, the University of LiègeGembloux Agro-Bio Tech, the University of UMons and Nanocyl.
The Valicell project aimed to valorize lignins and cellulose from the pulp mill of Burgo Ardennes.

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