BBI JU Call for proposals 2018 now open

On 11 April 2018, the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) opened a new Call for proposals. The Call, worth € 115 million, encourages applicants to apply for grants from four strategic themes: feedstock, processes, products, and market uptake. New to the 2018 Call is the decreased focus on traditional value chains such as forestry and agriculture. The current Call moves away from a bottom-up view of traditional value chains, towards a top-down view from the end markets which will enable appropriate responses to their need for biomass. Out of the 21 Call descriptions, FTP identified seven topics of specific interest to the forest-based sector:

1.    BBI.2018.SO1.D1: Improve the logistical and pre-processing steps of locally sourced biomass to serve as feedstock for the bio-based industry. 

2.    BBI.2018.SO2.R3: Introduce new technologies to make pulping operations more resource-efficient. 

3.    BBI.2018.SO3.D5: Produce sustainable and cost-efficient high-performance functional ingredients from alternative sources.

4.    BBI.2018.SO3.F1: Produce on a large scale competitive bio-based building blocks, polymers and materials that outperform existing alternatives in identified market applications.

5.    BBI.2018.SO3.R10: Develop bio-based packaging products that are biodegradable/ compostable and/or recyclable.

6.    BBI.2018.SO3.R11: Develop technologies and systems to produce bio-based aromatics that outperform fossil-based counterparts.

7.    BBI.2018.SO3.R9: Develop functional molecules for bio-based coatings outperforming existing products and meeting market requirements.

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More information also available in the FTP database!