The BBI JU Call 2017 will release € 81 million of funding for the European biobased industries

The BBI JU Call 2017 of the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) features several topics relevant for the forest-based sector, falling under the areas of the FTP Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

Out of 16 topics covering all possible types of actions, FTP has identified topics that address activities within ‘Integrated biorefinery concepts’ (RIA 3.4), ‘New biobased products’ (RIA 4.3), ‘Resource efficiency in manufacturing’ (RIA 3.1), and Cascade use, reuse and recycling systems (RIA 2.5). All the topics are featured in the renewed FTP Database. The submission deadline for proposals is 7 September, 17:00 CET.

This year, the BBI JU Call identifies four main orientations aiming at:
•    fostering and diversifying biomass feedstock supply for existing and new value chains
•    efficient processing in integrated biorefineries
•    accelerating innovative bio-based products and applications and applications
•    accelerating market uptake of bio-based products and applications

As an overarching theme, the Call also encourages the value of side and waste streams throughout the R&D cycle to be maximized.
In this 4th Call for Proposals, 16 topics are covered, including 7 Research & Innovation Actions, 5 Demonstration Actions, 2 Flagship Actions and 2 Coordination and Support Actions. The final decisions are expected by December 2017. 

FTP is one of the founding members of the BBI JU programme, which is designed to support the coherent development of Europe’s biobased economy.