NSG Switzerland

The National Support Group of Switzerland (NSG Switzerland), represented by the Swiss Wood Innovation Network (S-WIN), is an association of enterprises and R&D institutions active across the whole wood value chain, namely in the areas of wood supply, chemical and energetic use, components, construction and life-cycle assessment.

The thematic priorities of NSG Switzerland include:

  • Wood construction;
  • Biorefinery, but also chemical and energetic use of wood;
  • Wood supply and forestry;
  • New innovative materials and wood components;

Regarding our main activities, the network facilitates innovation by initiating forward-looking projects, and functions as the central communication hub for enterprises, research institutes, associations, federal authorities and regional organizations at national and international level. Effective knowledge and technology transfer is facilitated by innovation events organized by S-WIN, a proactive information platform, and by personal contacts and visits. It thus mediates between the needs of industry, of research and of training, in a target-orientated way.

In detail, the main activities cover the following:

  • Innovation checks to discuss and develop the roadmap and to investigate how inherent innovation potential can be mobilized and what funding opportunities can be tapped into;
  • Sector-specific workshops on selected topics that deal with major issues and search for coordinated solutions in collaboration with key stakeholders.
    These will be transposed into S-WIN projects or whole series of projects;
  • Periodical events for knowledge and technology transfer on current topics relating to the wood sector. These events are mostly carried out within enterprises, thus guaranteeing the direct transmission of knowledge to the companies and facilitating easy take-up and relevance of information for the employees.
  • Networking, and facilitation of the partnerships between competent advisors and project partners from business and research, to access the most suitable funding schemes and work with the best team towards effective solutions through consultation, services or projects.

On the European level, S-WIN exchanges information and paves the way for project cooperation. The executive board of S-WIN represents NSG Switzerland, comprised of representatives from public authorities, academia and industry.

In Switzerland, approximately 30% of the country is covered with forest. About 10 million of wood is grown per year, of which only 4.8 million are harvested. The Swiss forest-based sector is almost exclusively made up of SMEs, in which out of 15,000 enterprises only about 10 have more than 250 employees. The sector represents a 2.5% share of the overall economy.

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