Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2030

A roadmap towards the transformation of the sector by 2030

With a mission to achieve the 10 FTP Vision Targets by 2040, the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the European forest-based sector for 2030 (SIRA 2030) identifies for each vision target the challenges that require significant efforts in research and innovation. Accordingly, close to 50 challenges have been identified. For each challenge, SIRA 2030 identifies important examples of research and innovation activities needed to tackle the challenge. The 10 focus points of the agenda include:

1. Sustainable forest management, biodiversity and resilience to climate change
2. Increased, sustainable wood production and mobilization
3. More added value from non-wood ecosystem services
4. Towards a zero-waste circular society
5. Efficient use of natural resources
6. Diversification of production technologies and logistics
7. Purposeful, safe jobs and links between rural and urban region
8. Renewable building materials for healthier living
9. New fibre-based products and 80 per cent lower CO2 emissions
10. Renewable energy for society

“Making Europe the world’s first climate-neutral continent is within reach but requires more innovative initiatives and research-based actions. SIRA 2030 will play an important role in reaching EU climate and energy policy objectives and the discussion on more ambitious emission reduction targets for 2030.”, says Johan Elvnert, Managing Director of FTP.

Refining priorities to shape european opportunities

Biannually, FTP actively engages its members and National Support Groups (NSGs) in a consultative process aiming at discerning current priorities to be emphasized in upcoming European call topics. This comprehensive initiative involves an extensive period of consultation and data collection, culminating in the thoughtful curation and consolidation of received topics. The resulting list undergoes scrutiny and adaptation by the General Assembly. Once endorsed, this list of priorities transforms into a working document empowering FTP and its NSGs to position the forest-based sector during the preparation of the Horizon Europe Work Programmes.

The FTP Secretariat plays a pivotal role by liaising with the European Commission and relevant European Partnerships and groups, establishing connections crucial to advancing the sector’s goals. Simultaneously, NSGs collaborate with their respective national contact points within the National Programme Committees. This dual approach, operating both at national and European levels, amplifies the sector’s influence, bolstering its credibility and augmenting the likelihood of integrating pertinent call topics into the finalized Work Programmes document.

The FTP Topic priorities for the years 2025-2027 are readily accessible for download.