NSG Poland

The forest-based sector in Poland

The National Support Group of Poland (NSG Poland), the Polish Technology Platform for the Forestry and Wood Sector, is a consortium of companies, self-government units, associations, scientific bodies and other institutions, working in cooperation with a view to the harmonious and sustainable development of the forestry-wood sector, which is highly competitive at international level. This is achieved through the innovative production of modern materials and continuously improved production technologies and processing techniques, while taking into account human health and the environment.

NSG Poland represents the ideas and interests of the Polish forestry-wood sector including the timber industry, wood-based material industry, pulp and paper industry, furniture industry, and biorefineries at national and European levels, in terms of economy, technology, science and social policy.

As main objectives, NSG Poland aims to:

  • support FTP in its main activities;
  • enhance the competitiveness of the Polish economy within the forestry-wood sector as an element of the European economy;
  • initiate and support the development of wood-based construction and biorefinery industries based on forest and wood resources; bridge science and industry in the forestry-wood sector through the initiation and roll-out of scientific and technical pre-market activities, and through market research and the commercialization of new solutions;
  • promote innovation and the scientific-technological development of the forestry-wood sector;
  • cooperate with other European technology platforms, associations and institutions involved in the bioeconomy and the circular economy.

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Are you a representative of a Polish company or organization and do you want to know what FTP can do to help you in the European arena? Please contact the secretariat of NSG Poland.

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