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The National Support Group of Slovenia, Slovenska gozdno lesna tehnološka platforma, (NSG Slovenia) of the Forest-based Sector Technology Platform is a network of companies, associations and scientific institutions dedicated to research and innovation in the forest-based sector. It is organized within the Innovative Renewable Material Uses Living Laboratory (LL InnoRenew), part of the Renewable Materials and Healthy Environments Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence (InnoRenew CoE), through which it provides interdisciplinarity to the stakeholders of the NSG.

Interdisciplinarity is urgently needed, as NSG Slovenia is composed of five sectors – forestry, woodworking, paper, energy and design – each with a combined leadership of one industrial and one academic representative. However, in the last three years, there has been a thorough and rapid restructuring of the primarily industrial landscape within the sector, but also with some significant developments in the RDI structure over the last year, with the prospect of further change over the coming five years.

Consequently,  NSG Slovenia is currently undergoing a thorough transformation, taking a  critical look at both its structure and content. The most likely outcomes appear to be the addition of a new organizational area – wood construction – and a redefinition of the Slovene Strategic Research Agenda, to reflect  changes in the national and European RDI landscape (already in anticipation of FP9 – the European Commission’s next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation).

While its own Strategic Research Agenda is being redefined, the guiding document for the work of NSG Slovenia is the Smart specialisation strategy of Slovenia (S3), in which interests of the forest-based sector are defined in four out of its nine Priority Areas. Conversely, through the NSG’s leadership, we are involved in several strategic research and innovation partnerships (SRIPs), the structures of which detail and operationalize the S3 through their action plans.

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NSG Slovenia leads research consortium awarded €45 million RTD grant 

Research projects

  1. InnoRenew CoE – Renewable Materials and Healthy Environments Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence

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