24 - 28.09.2017

50th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization

FTP Managing Director Johan Elvnert is one of the speakers at the keynote session of the 50th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization (FORMEC) that will take place in Brasov, Romania, from 25-29 September 2017.  Under the main theme of the event Innovating the competitive edge: from research to impact in the forest value chainElvnert will present the forest-based sector Vision 2030 and its Strategic Research &Innovation Agenda for 2030.

FORMEC was held for the first time in 1966 at Zvolen in former Czechoslovakia. The original idea of the organizers of this scientific meeting was to give an opportunity for scientists from Eastern and Central European countries to gather, discuss forest engineering matters, deepen the knowledge in that field of science and overcome gaps due to different technology levels. Since then, 49 meetings have been organized. The more recent meetings were held in Poland (2016), Austria (2015) and France (2014), and gathered more than 200 leading professionals and expert scientists each year, facilitating and encouraging the cooperation and the exchange of ideas.

The programme of FORMEC is available here. For more details please visit: www.formec.ro.