Updates for FTP Vision and Research & Innovation Agenda Documents

As we enter the final phase of Horizon 2020, it is time for FTP to take stock and look ahead to the EU’s research and innovation framework programme 9 (FP9): Horizon Europe.

 In 2005 the European forest-based sector developed a bold vision, aiming at a variety of targets essential for building a new forest-based sector in Europe by 2030. A strategic research agenda (SRA) accompanied the Vision as a roadmap for achieving the predetermined goals. Since that time, a first renewal of these FTP core documents came into being in 2013. 

With FP9 just around the corner, the FTP key documents need to be brought up to date. Therefore, FTP will start preparations for a new Vision document that will be presented in November 2018. The corresponding Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and Annex will follow in 2019 and 2020 respectively. The new FTP Vision will aim at measurable, precise achievements for the sector by 2040. In the upcoming months experts from around Europe will meet to start drafting FTP’s Vision 2040, in line with FP9 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.