European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel

The Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel is an advisory body to the European Commission. It aims to support interactions between different policy areas, sectors and stakeholders in the bioeconomy and lead towards tangible policy actions. FTP represents the EU forest-based sector in the panel.

During its current mandate, initiated in June 2016, the panel has been active in finalizing the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto, following up the multi-stakeholder process carried out during the Dutch EU Presidency in the first semester of 2016. The panel will also be responsible for monitoring progress of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy.

Current membership consists of representatives from various bioeconomy stakeholder groups from EU Member States and regions, the industrial sector, associations and companies, the scientific community, European associations in the farming, forestry and fishery sectors, and non-governmental organizations. It has 29 members in total.

Where next for the European bioeconomy? is the result of the work of the European Bioeconomy Panel carried out during its first mandate from 2013 to 2015, a period which included FTP as a member. The publication features two issue papers: one dedicated to biomass supply in Europe, and the other focused on market-making in the bioeconomy.

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