28 - 30.09.2021

SilviLaser 2021 Conference Vienna

Due to Covid19-regulations, the conference venue was changed from TU Wien to Marriott Imperial Riding School Renaissance Hotel Vienna.
It will take place in a dual-mode: digitally and physically.

Besides some excellent science, the 2021 event will have a distinct focus on the operational applications of LIDAR in forest inventory and mapping.

Benchmarks are planned of terrestrial, personal, mobile and UAV-based LIDAR applications in an operational framework to show and compare cost-efficiency and accuracy of existing devices and solutions.

The benchmarking will take place in cooperation with and on forest areas of the Austrian State Forest ÖBf as a pre-conference excursion on the 27th of September 2021. A post-conference excursion will take place on 1st of October 2021.

The following keynote speakers have already been confirmed:

  • Prof. Juha Hyyppä: Recent developments with mobile laser scanning for forestry applications
  • Prof. Håkan Olsson: Nationwide ALS-forest products supported by NFIs, current status and future trends
  • Dr. Gottfried Mandlburger: The benefits of different LiDAR systems – Full waveform vs. single-photon LiDAR
  • Prof. Guo Qinghua: Developing multiple platform LiDAR systems for scaling forest parameters from plot levels to global levels
  • Dr. Amy Neuenschwander: IceSat-2 for forestry applications