Other funding opportunities


The EU programme for the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) – COSME – aims to ease access to finance for SMEs; help companies access new markets; create a business-friendly environment by reducing the administrative burden on SMEs, and encourage an entrepreneurial culture. […]


The European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) is a funding organisation for the creation of research networks, called COST Actions.  These networks offer an open space for collaboration among scientists across Europe (and beyond) and thereby give impetus to research advancements and innovation. […]

LIFE programme

The EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. LIFE contributes to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental and climate policy and laws by co-financing projects with European added value. Since its creation in 1992, LIFE has been through different funding periods. The current funding period 2014-2020 has a budget of €3.4 billion. […]

ERA-NET Funding

The ERA-NET Scheme aims at developing and strengthening the coordination of national and regional research programmes. It also aims at increasing the share of funding that Member States jointly dedicate to challenge-driven research and innovation agendas. […]