Responsible management of forest resources

Strategic Theme 2

Vision Target 1

A resilient and diverse European forest is sustainably managed by a variety of owners and owner cooperatives who, assisted by new multi-purpose management systems, provide all the functions of the forest including raw material production, biodiversity and recreational opportunities.

Vision Target 2

In many regions, specific forest growth is increasing and management is optimised for additional harvesting possibilities. In other regions, especially in the Mediterranean area, where the impact of climate change is predicted to be severe, creating resilient, stress-tolerant forests is particularly important. In some landscapes, the main aim is nature conservation and providing ecosystem services. Bearing in mind the full range of demand and production constraints, harvesting possibilities in Europe have increased by 30%, enabling forest owners to manage their forests more efficiently and sustainably.

Vision Target 3

A cascade use of wood-based materials is established throughout the entire value chain. Recovery, reuse and recycling of forest-based products account for 70% of all recyclable material. When recycling opportunities have been exhausted, the remaining material is used for energy production.