Vision 2030: TEST

The European forest-based sector set out a bold vision for its future development up to 2030. 

This vision depicts the forest-based sector as a fundamental player in founding the European biobased society of the future.  

The sector’s vision was outlined in alignment with the strategy Europe 2020 that intends to create a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for the European Union. The vision also provides an insight to the challenges of global scale that the sector must overcome in order to remain competitive and sustainable: the impacts of climate change, scarcity of natural resources, fierce global competition and rapidly changing consumer patterns.

The targets set for 2030 form the backbone of the sector’s vision. They are very ambitious, clearly defined and measurable objectives which can only be achieved by a collaborative European effort to create a strong, profitable industrial sector. The vision targets are grouped under four essential Strategic Themes: ‘Responsible management of forest resources’, ‘Creating industrial leadership’, ‘Fulfilling consumer needs’ and the cross-cutting theme ‘The forest-based sector in a biobased society’. 

Together with FTP Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (FTP SRA), the sector’s vision provides a roadmap for the sector’s transformation through collaborative research, development and innovation. 

The forest-based sector in a biobased society

Responsible management of forest resources

Vision Target 1: Multi-purpose management of forests
Vision Target 2: Efficient sustainable harvesting
Vision Target 3: Wood recovery, reuse and recycling

Creating industrial leadership

Vision Target 4: Resource efficiency for lower energy use
Vision Target 5: Full potential at biorefining
Vision Target 6: Ecosystems services inspiring new business models
Vision Target 7: Powerful provider of green energy

Fulfiling consumer needs

Vision Target 8: Tripled market for wood-based construction
Vision Target 9: Innovative paper products
Vision Target 10: Market for non-wood based products