The overall scope of the WW-Net+ is to support the total transformation of the European F-BI (Forest-based Industries) and sustainable forest management to enable it to increase resource efficiency and develop a totally new products scope, while adapting to and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

14 April 2014

The 6th WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme Seminar was held on 9-10 April 2014 in Stockholm.

This public seminar brought together around 90 European researchers and stakeholders from industry, academia and policy-making organisations in the forest-based sector. The seminar was the:

  1. Final seminar of the 2nd Joint Call for Proposals (2009),
  2. Mid-term seminar of the Joint Call for Proposals (2010) of the European Research Area Networks (ERA-Nets) WoodWisdom-Net 2 and ERA-NET Bioenergy, and
  3. Opening seminar of the 4th Joint Call for Proposals (2013).

The objectives of the seminar were to discuss the results from the projects, to facilitate information exchange and networking between the projects and their stakeholders and to gain feedback and ideas for the further development of the WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme.

The WoodWisdom-Net Programme is an initiative of the ERA-NET WoodWisdom-Net on wood material science and engineering and is today in its third phase now running under the ERANET Plus Scheme of the European Commission (for years 2012-2017). Currently the programme provides funding to 22 ongoing transnational research projects. The first 17 transnational research projects were funded within the programme from 2007 to 2010, and the final results of these projects were presented in connection of the 3rd Seminar in February 2011 in Paris

4 December 2013

The 4th joint call for proposals within WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme was launched in spring 2013, this time under the ERA-NET Plus Scheme of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission. The call for pre-proposals resulted in 80 proposals, and after the eligibility and suitability check for national funding altogether 33 proposals were asked to submit a full proposal until the 16th of September 2013.

After the judgement of an international Expert Panel, the WoodWisdom-Net+ Steering Committee has now selected 23 projects for funding. The total budget announced in the selected projects is more than 32 MEUR, out of which the total amount of requested public funding around 23 MEUR.

In total, the proposals include 255 different partner organisations: SMEs (28%), large companies (19%), research organisations (21%), universities (20%), and others (12%; incl. co-funding companies, industrial associations etc.).

The projects cover all the thematic research areas of the call. Most projects are focusing on research issues related to Theme 2 “Value added products” (10), Theme 2 “Industrial processes” (7), and Theme 4 “Competitive customer solutions” (5), while only one proposal stated that its main thematic research area is under Theme 1 “Sustainable management of forest resources”. However, all proposals indicated that their research is connected to more than just one of the listed research areas.

The proposals selected for funding involve partners from 13 different countries including third countries such as Belgium, Canada and the United States. The coordinators of the projects come from eight countries (Austria, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland), most of the proposals having either a Finnish (8) or German (6) coordinator.

The results have been communicated to the coordinators of the proposals. The projects accepted for funding will be published in detail on the WoodWisdom-Net website after the respective funding organisations have taken their final funding decisions.

The official kick-off of the projects will take place at the 5th WoodWisdom-Net Programme seminar on 9-10 April, 2014 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. More information on the seminar will follow early 2014.

The WoodWisdom-Net+ consortium has established a Call Secretariat on behalf of all of the funding partners. General enquiries about the call should be addressed to:
WoodWisdom-Net+ Call Secretariat
Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR)/ Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW)
Contact: call (at)


The first ERA-NET on wood material science and engineering, WoodWisdom-Net started in 2004 with 12 partners from 5 countries and later, in 2006, expanded with 6 new partners (3 countries). The project was initiated as a part of the European Commission's Framework Programme 6 ERA-NET scheme which is to support the cooperation and coordination of research activities carried out at national or regional level. As the main result, the 1st Call of Joint Transnational WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme (2006-11) with 17 projects of a total volume of over 20 M€ was launched. The first phase of the WoodWisdom-Net ERA-NET project came to its end on Dec 21, 2008.

The follow-up ERA-NET project WoodWisdom-Net 2 - "Networking and Integration of National Programmes in the Area of Wood Material Science and Engineering in the Forest-Based Value Chains" was started in March 2009 (duration 36 months) and was run under the European Commission's FP7 ERA-NET scheme. The consortium included 19 partners from 12 countries. The overall objective of WW-Net 2 was to promote the transformation of the European F-BI from a resource-intensive to a value-added knowledge-intensive, innovative and globally competitive industry based on the sustainable use of renewable raw materials. The goal was to further develop the WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme by launching two joint calls for projects in 2009 (Joint Call 2) and 2010 (Joint Call 3). Both calls were successfully implemented as planned. The ERA-NET project WW-Net 2 was closed at the end of February 2012.