Lena Ek steps down as Chair of FTP Board of Directors

Former Swedish Minister of Environment and current Chairperson of the Board of Södra Skogsägarna, Lena Ek has been the Chair of FTP Board of Directors since 2016. She is now stepping down and passing on the torch to Mikael Hannus, from Stora Enso.

“It has been a fantastic time to be chairing FTP Board. Many transformations, new thoughts, and increased collaboration between different parts of the sector and different companies have been developed. The ‘Vision 2040 of the forest-based sector’ and the ‘Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for 2030’ are huge achievements with coherent and informative outcomes”, stated Lena Ek. “Continuing to combine FTP and sector’s efforts with the different Council presidencies is a good way to being seen and being heard but also opening more corridors for communications”, she concludes.

“Lena Ek sees opportunities where other people see problems, and her unique combined professional experience of high-level politics, as well as the forest-based sector, has been of great benefit to FTP and the whole sector. Lena is a very warm, supportive and intelligent person and it has been a pleasure and a privilege working with her. We are all very grateful for all the things FTP has accomplished under her chairmanship”, stated Johan Elvnert, FTP Secretary General.

Lena will remain as FTP’s representative in the High-Level Stakeholders Group on the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials.

See the Press Release.