Apply for Blue Sky Young Researchers & Innovation Award Europe 2022

This award aims to stimulate competition between students and young researchers carrying out projects contributing to the resilience of the forest-based sector. The projects may include a wide range of activities relevant to forest-based science, products using forest-based raw materials, process improvements or other innovations throughout the value chain.

The award is not only about research and development; it is about innovation and about being inspirational, interesting and moving our sector towards a sustainable future.

The eligibility criteria for research students are the following:

  • To be under 30 years of age
  • To carry out research work which could revolutionise the pulp and paper and forest fibre industry in a green and sustainable manner
  • To be currently working under the supervision of a European research institute or university (regardless of nationality, no need to be a EU citizen to be eligible) or be doing research in companies along the pulp, paper and board value chains
  • To be fluent in English with good presentation skills

Candidates are expected to submit the following material:

  • A curriculum-vitae
  • A support letter from their research centre, university, company
  • An abstract of their research/innovation topic
  • A 180 seconds video of themselves presenting their research/innovation topic

The selection process is conducted by a jury composed of representatives from industry, European institutions and the scientific or academic world.

The applicants who put forward the eight best proposals are invited to present their project – in terms of methodology, innovation, feasibility and expected impact – at the upcoming Cepi annual conference (Consult Paper & Beyond agenda here) in front of industry experts and executives. The shortlisted candidates will attend a personalised public speaking training with an experienced English mother tongue coach, and network with an exclusive group of industry representatives. The laureates will be automatically submitted to the global ICFPA contest 2023.