September 14, 2017

Commission announces €8.5 billion funding for research and innovation in 2017

The European Commission announced yesterday (25 July 2016) an investment of €8.5 billion to be released during 2017 into research and innovation following an update to the Work Programme of Horizon 2020. The updated Work Programme builds on the existing cross-cutting themes of Horizon 2020 to date while introducing some novel initiatives. It is directly […]

FTP recommendations for the next Horizon 2020 Work Programme released

Aiming to ensure that the sector’s research interests and innovation ambitions are integrated into the scope of the next Work Programme, forest-based sector stakeholders together with FTP prepared: FTP Recommendations for the Work Programme 2018-2020 of Horizon 2020. The FTP Recommendations identify some 90 research and innovation areas of major concern for the European forest-based sector, […]