August 21, 2018

FTP brings the forest-based bioeconomy in Slovakia closer

NSG Slovakia is on the verge of improving strategic processes and projects in the forest-based bio-economy. From September 2018, a national FTP hub, in collaboration with the LignoSilva Center of Excellence and the BIOEAST initiative, will boost the necessary synergies between the circular economy, the bioeconomy and the forest-based sector.  The main goal of the hub […]

January 4, 2019

NSG Slovakia

The National Support Group of Slovakia (NSG Slovakia) provides a fresh impetus for innovation; it initiates interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral cooperation with its national partners, a network consisting of Slovakian decision makers, the research and scientific community, industry, partner organizations, and customers within the forest-based sector. It provides support for projects, finds synergies between different stakeholders and […]